Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Murks is an eco-princess

Today during an anthropology-seminar Nigel Rapport told that an individual is a "flower", a personality that can bloom and has its capabilities, ways of expression, individuality. He also told that individual is a "family", it belongs to a group of people, having some things in common with every member of this community but there is nobody who would be exact copy of this person. And, individual is a "spectrum" consisting of common human-like characters... biological, emotional, etc.
But if...
individual is just a random outcome of the evolution. A part of the common ecosystem with flowers (not "flowers") and rats and elephants and birds and everything biological in the world, maybe even everything physical in the universe... Why to bother to map its characteristics? Why skipping the other parts of the system? Why should it have more importance than any other parts?

I want to find at least one person who calls her/himself anthropologist and is not humanist?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Princess Murks is a tree

The trees are standing by the roads. The trees are standing in the groups forming groves, small forests. They just had all the leaves green. Suddenly, the leaves became colorful. Yellow. Orange. Red. Brown. The sky is grey, very dark, even black and forming an humble background for the trees.

Princess Murks is walking along the street. Other people are also walking on the streets. They are wearing grey coats, dark stockings, black jackets. Princess Murks feels like a colorful tree, the dark clothes of the others form an humble background for the red hat, hearings, shoes and blue jacket of Princess Murks.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Princess Murks is sad and weeps

It is raining. Princess Murks is crying.
Where am I? Why am I here? Why not there? Princess Murks wants to be there but also does not want to be there and is happy to be here. But also sad to be here and not there.
What is the thing there? Why to be there? Can not explain it. Can not understand it. Everywhere has been good so far. All the places as good as any other. Ok, ok, Princess Murks has been homesick for homey friends and food and sisters and parents and the small ones.. But there is not the home. There is apparently just another place. Should be a place just as good as any other. Noot!
What it the thing there? Why to be there? Just some physical attraction, chemical reaction that makes it different from other? No, Princess Murks do not know any formula for that. Feels something really attractive, dangerous at the same time. Interesting but unknown. Seemingly so close, simple, and easy to handle but so difficult and inaccessible.
What is it? How do describe it? Princess Murks can not say any word for or against it. Princess Murks is confused, do not know. Princess Murks wants to go there but is afraid. Princess Murks just sits and cries. Cries with the rain.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Princess Murks wants to argue

Talk. Talk. Talk. Not just to Talk but argue. Argue. Argue. Argue. Princess Murks approaches people with the aim of arguing. Not just to get a good discussion and nice talk. Princess Murks wants to argue. Have to admit, some people are useless for that. Boring!
Luckily, some are really useful. At times, Princess Murks does not have to use provocative standpoints to make them getting all over red and ready for a good debate. Still, most of the cases need some inducement, but then they start burning with even lighter flame. Jeee!
The funniest is to have a debate with a person Princess Murks would normally unconditionally agree. Just to think up the contra-arguments and to see how confused the person would get.
What is the argument good for? It is just for convincing yourself of your good ideas with the good arguments you can contrive during the debate. In the end both sides will be much more convinced how good ideas they have because they have found so many good arguments to support themselves.
Princess Murks likes arguing, arguing makes her more cleaver.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Princess Murks is wet

Sometimes the water is standing but mostly it is moving. Water is an obsession, moving water is the obsession. The waves that are forming in the sea, the flowes in the streams and in the rivers, the fountains in the city parks, the watering tube in the garden, the falling rain or the falling shower... The moving water is touching the body and continuing its' way, the water is going through the body and continues its' way - drink and drink and drink, but the body gets never full. The water uses the body, the body uses the water. The water purifies the body, the water gets the spices from the body and makes the body smell good, the moving water transfers the movement to the body and the body starts to move. The water is soft, the water is nice, the water is the pleasure.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Princess Murks is on the Asphalt

The Asphalt starts from somewhere. Nobody really knows from where. Has anybody seen the beginning of it? It just jumps out and is there when you need to get going. The Asphalt seems endless, it seems to expand every day, every hour, every minute... Has anybody seen the end of it? Princess Murks went on the Asphalt to see it, to feel it, to get to know it, to get friends with it, to discover its secrets.
The Asphalt is always on the move, it has different faces, different moods. Sometimes it is soft and nice, makes lazy curves, plays with the landscape, goes by the lakes, rolls over the hills, jumps over the small and bigger streams, axes its way through thick fores. The Asphalt makes you a guided tour by bringing out romantic scenery, the most beautiful walleyes and hills, small villages and mansions by the sides. Urrrrr.
Sometimes the Asphalt is curious, risky, extreme. It tries to go everywhere, look behind every corner, get over any obstacle. The sea can not stop it - the Asphalt uses the best examples of engineering and flies over bridges. The mountains can not stop it - it digs the tunnels thought them and flows through. The steep slope can not stop it - the Asphalt makes sharp zig-zac and is up or down again. Even the chasms can not stop it - the Asphalt cuts the step into the hard rock and goes again. It can go to every impossible palce. With this behaviour it makes you feel awed and humble.
The Asphalt has contradictory characters. The asphalt can be fast and slow; it can be strate and curvy; it can be soft and sharp by many small stones; it can be warm, it can be hot, but never freezingly cold; it can be noisy and silent, it can be wet and dry; it can be full of holes and smooth; it can be colorful and booringly grey...
The asphalt has variety of smells, that are surprising and cheerful. The smell of the strong cheese, the sea, the sweat, the grass, the raps, the flowers, the hay, the dog, the gas, the smell-spruce, the coffee, the chocolate, the watermelon, the birch trees after the rain, the sunscream, the icecream, mmmmmm.
Where does the Asphalt lead? To Rome? :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Princess Murks on the Singing Festival

For singing. Mostly for singing. Though it is an event for singing, listening, singing along, having a picnic, standing in the queue of ice-cream, beer, grill, sugar-wadding.., meeting (by accident cause no way to reach meeting-places on time) long-no-seen friends and relatives, feeling patriotic, feeling power of the 25 000 +++ people singing under the singing-arc, making waves in the huge crowd, feeling close with everyone in the crowed as the only way is to stay and sit, and move around side by side, and many more activities one can think of.
Princess Murks went for singing. Prepared for it for the whole year before the event. Almost every Sunday for 3 hours. Uh. But would climb under the singing arc even without being practicing for so long. Because the most important thing on the Singing Festival is the singing. It is not about performing the songs for the audience. It is not about performing the audience and being heard the comments later: "the tenor was not heard...", "the sopranos were singing 0,4 seconds too late", " I did not hear your singing as I was queuing for the toilet for 45 minutes"... Those kind of comments are fun but not at all the main reasons to go on the stage.
The Singing Festival is about singing. About putting your voice flowing according to the directors hand. About whispering in piano till the sound is braking. About scream in forte till the voice is gone. About hearing the song coming back from the hills of Lasnamäe. About feeling the closeness with all the other singers around you flowing with the same force. Feel the power of the singing that buts the crowd move and feel in the same rhythm. All together. All alone. Powerful shiver going through your bones and you know that everybody else feel the same.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Princess Murks is eating tablets

Princess Murks is eating 10 tablets today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow... Maybe even more than 10 if the headache is not going away. When closing the eyes the tablets start spinning around the head. "Viuh-viuh-viuh," the say, when they are taking their rounds on the roundabout. Sometimes even yelling from the joy!
Some are blue, some are yellow, some are white. The yellow ones have been working here for the longest time. They are maybe to blame of not doing all the work and making the need for new staff. But the blue ones are totally ecological and taste a bit sweet, they want to be taken with tonns of liquid. The white ones are just a bit dull antibiotics who have find a home in a huge can where they use only the bottom floor. Soon even the bottom floor will be empty.
The tablets are the enemies who need to be annihilated!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Princess Murks is lazy and stubborn

Princess Murks is lazy.
Princess Murks never do things on time.
Princess Murks never does the things that sb asks or orders right away.
Princess Murks wants to do the things on her own time. When she gets the idea on her own to do something.
Princess Murks does not want to fulfill other people ideas unless she has examined them throughout and find them interesting to do.
Princess Murks is Y-person.
Princess Murks is lazy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Princess Murks is in axiom

Somehow there is a certainty. Impossible to doubt. Axiom that does not need to be proved. Two parallel lines never intersect. If they did, they would not be parallel - it is said in the definition.
Still strange. How can something be so sure that there is no reason to doubt? Maybe if you walk enough long time along the parallels than on one moment they still converge... But does it happen? When it would happen? How long time it takes to walk so far? Do you want to come back if you reach there? Would it be possible to come back from there? ? ? ? ? ?

In fact, the parallels are not even alike. They look extremely different. They are still parallel. Even if the characteristics seem opposite. One is colorful, the other is black-n-white; one is hippie, the other is materialist; one is naturalist, the other is city-person; one needs change, the other needs routine; one would live in a tent, the other needs a hotel...
Even if the characteristics look like the lines should get into disagreement and start fighting to each other. Even if they should be annoying to each other. They are still parallel. Not coming closer to each other to give the other a kick... just going along. Accepting the difference. Still parallel. Still still.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Princess Murks has Big Feet

Big Feet are not considered as something beautiful, are they?
Princess Murks had a day where the feet were growing bigger and bigger that fast that she could not help. I has to be admitted that it did not feel bad. Though the subconsciousness was singing the dramatic melody for the background: "Da-da-da-daaa, you will never want to fill in the test of Ecological Footprint that Mdm Age had just elaborated. Never-ever, as your feet would smash the whole Milky-Way!"

How did it happen?

Princess Murks was on the way from Tln to Stckhlm. The cheapest way was to fly via Krssr. Fine, going on a plane at 8am. Why not to spend some nice morning in Krssr? And the morning was nice. Sunny and the junipers all around, and the smell of seaside and the small town with its cafes. Mmmm.
- Ring-ring!
- Hello! Am I talking to Princess Murks?
- Yees?!
- We are sorry to announce you that your flight to Stckhlm has been dismissed. There is an option that you go back to airport and take a fligth back to Tln at 11am, there will be a flight from Tln to Stckhlm at 1pm. Fine?
- Fine. If I run back to airport I can make it.
- Good. Sorry again. Have safe flights!
- Tnx.
Princess Murks is aheading to the airport. A woman (who talks as she was singing) in the airport is greeting her, but says.
- A ticket for youwas sent here. But there is a little misunderstanding. there are no flights to Tln at 11am. Tha next fligth goes at 2pm. I do not know where did they get the data for this flight.
- Eheee. What now?
Many phone calls were made, including to a relative of the woman just to discuss what is happening and what could be the solution. Finally the airport phone is ringing again:
- Ring-ring!
- This call is for you, Princess Murks.
- Hallo?!
- Sorry again, we had some problems in the database. Now. You can take the flight to Tln at 2pm and the evening flight to Stckhlm at 7pm. Is it ok?
- Hmmmmm, ok.
- In addition. We ask you to visit the Estonian Air agency in Tln airport and we will give you 250EUR to compensate your inconveniences.
- Eh?! Ok

Princess Murks was vaiting for the plane. Meanwhile managed to make another tour in town. hiked around between the junipers, and used the airport wifi. The time came to go on the plane. And. And. And. There was no other passnger. Nobody. A private fligth for Priness Murks :S!!! The stuard was nice and offered juce. The pilotse were even nicer and asked Princess Murks to join them in the pilot-booth. Uhuuuu! Of caurse!

What an experience! The only passanger in the plane and the marvelous views on a clear sunny day over Estonia. Did you know that you can see almost the whole west coast of Estonia when you fligh in 3km hinght ower the Muhu islang. Amasing. So cool! The pilots are explaining about flying and about the air-corridors and about whatever Princess murs is asking. Only annoying thing is the singing subconsciousness...

"Da-da-da-daaa, you will never want to fill in the test of Ecological Footprint that Mdm Age had just elaborated. Never-ever, as your feet would smash the whole Milky-Way! Da-da-da-daaa!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Murks learns to make compliments

Did not know that it can be so difficult to say nice things to people. Even more difficult is to hear them about yourself. Why is it so?

Maybe because...
1. the father of Princess Murks never had said: "Good morning, my beautiful daughter".
2. in the most fairy tales Princess Murks heard in the childhood the beautiful princesses were always "pretty but dull".
3. nice words sound ironic. They can easily be said ironically.
4. there are not so many adjectives in Estonian language.
5. Princess Murks has used to show her positive attitude with a big smile. Do not know the words that can mean the same.
6. etc

Still a right compliment can make Princess Murks to feel as light as a bird lflying in the sunny sky. Wants to let the other people feel the same.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Princess Murks has the life in a chest of drawers

Princess Murks was constructing herself a bookshelf, thinking at the same time: "Life consists of drawers. Life is a chest of drawers."

The drawers are openable and closeable. Sometimes you need to use force to open or close them, sometimes they move smoothly, sometimes they do it without your effort.

There is difficult to count all of them. Sometimes you think you know all, but still find more and more drawers with different stuff in them that you had forgotten or never saw before.

All the drawers have some things in them. The things can be anything. Buildings, money, art work, emotions, people, places, knowledge... It can also be emptiness.
Every now and then you should clean the drawers. At least some of them. The ones that consists the things that can go easily bad. Otherwise they start stinking. Start rotting and can make the stuff in the other selves go bad as well. Or, worse, they can make the chest start putrefy. Jäk!

Every drawer is a working system, with its life circles, progress, development. The things can change their specialization, at the same time they always belong to the one body in the drawer. At the same time...

If you want to explain to a "thing" in one drawer that you also have other drawers and describe what things are in there, how they look like, what they do... It is impossible. Impossible to understand for the "thing" from drawer the 1st. Impossible even to find understandable words for explaining. And if the "thing" from drawer the 1st would by accident be put to a wrong drawer... what a mess would continue. Although, maybe in time the "thing" would get used to the life in this new drawer for him but still not believe that there could be many more.

At the same time. It is interesting to have many drawers. Get new ones, close some, open old ones. And it is interesting to discover the drawers of other people.

Picture: A fragment of "Espana", by Dali

Monday, March 2, 2009

Princess Murks shares the bed

Princess Murks has a bed. Princess Murks had not had a bed for 8 years since moving to Tartu. Always on the mattress on the floor. Sometimes even without the mattress, just the blanket and a sheet. But now, since Princess Murks moved to a new flat with a cold floor she also arranged herself a small bed to sleep on. The bed is wide but short. The mattress is hard. In this sense it does not feel like sleeping somewhere else, not on the floor. But there are surprising novelties related to the bed:
1. there is some space under the bed to keep things. Rucksacks, boxes, stuff with no everyday use can happily spend their time there.
2. the bed can be shared! What a fun! Princess Murks often does not need to sleep alone in the bed. There have been several bed-shearers. During the first month the number of bed-shearers was counted till 5. And, though Princess Murks also has some mattresses by now to let people sleep on the floor, YOU can still contact Princess Murks and book the night for bed-shearing!
What a fun to have a bed!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Princess Murks is not able to use official language

It sounds rude and cold. Does it? Sounds as a machine has produced it not an human being. Concrete structure, specific words, introduction, topics, explanations, conclusion, concluding remarks. Nothing personal, nothing light and funny, no mistakes. Brutal facts, brutal info. Boring.
It sounds as the writer is lying: can not be true that somebody can write any official text from the bottom of their heart. Or should there be an heart in every text somebody writes? Why not? No use to produce something without really truly believe it. "Bäh", if the aim is just to fill the form. Boring!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Princess Murks did The Marathon

63km. From Otepää to Elva, on the snow, with the skis. 1h faster than last time that was 3 years ago. Preparation: 35km during last 3 weeks (not promising :S), lots of nuts-and-pasta-eating in last days. And there she went, up-nd-down the hills, inside the forest, on the fields. Talking to the people in bee-costumes, to old men wearing the same clothes and skis as on the marathon 20 years ago. Relaxing, chilling, eating bananas nd drinking different salty stuff on the stops. 7h:2min:44sec.
To prevent the acing muscles, Princess Murks jumped into the hot-water-barrel and took a "leili" in men-sauna urgently after the Finish. Great success!Photo on 39th kilometer, by Mika Keränen

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Princess Murks depends on the Sun

The Sun. Extremely important. The Sun. Makes an enormous difference. The Sun. Gives confidence. The Sun. Brings the smile to the face. The Sun. Empoweres. The Sun. Puts the feet to dance. The Sun. Contrasts the sky to glow. The Sun. Makes the nose freckled. The Sun. Starts the melodies in the head. The Sun. Has made Princess Murks depend on the Sun.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Princess Murks has bad sense

Eh. Weird dream. Somebody was shouting really demandingly Princess murks name at night.... Princess Murks was a sleep but woke up as she was replying loudly through the dreams: "I am here!" Was the calling voice real? There was nobody. The room is empty, the corridor is empty, the house is sleeping. Brrrrrr! What was it?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Princess Murks sees the beauty

Princess Murks is walking on the streets. Suddenly she realizes that she has not seen an ugly person for a long time. Where are the ugly ones gone? There are only walking, passing people who are more beautiful than the other. Princess Murks gets an hasart: "Will I see an ugly person on Rüütli street?" But there is no monsters. Only beautiful people. Even though they have but on tonns of warm clothes, they are still so beautiful. Help-help! Where is the balance? All the ugly ones moved to other street? to other town? to other country? Seems so. Princess Murks is enjoying the moment, the company of pretty people.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Princess Murks is buidling a castle

Princess Murks is building a castle of warmth. The one way to resist the Nordic winter: