Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dr Murks on a way

..hitchhiking to the South. Yesterdays rehearsal - hitchhiking to the North was a total disaster (after 2,5h by the road waving to all passersby) in terms of hitching a lift. But at the same time - nice weather, nice company by Kusta, nice songs on the tongue and - the most important - nice friends coming to pick us up in the end taking to the destination. The way to the South will be more easy because Dr Murks long experiences show that the paradigm of induction is not proper for the good luck in hitchhiking - there are too many totally different examples.
Anyway, the weather seems to be great either for sitting hours by the road or making drivers happy to take you on. So, Dr Murks and Ms Tiu are soon on a way to:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dr Murks is the Cuckoo

"Change yourself and you will change the world - not much but still your own small portion. Stay yourself and again something is changing - the world is transmuting but your share is standing still..." like Jäääär is singing.
In the wedding that more appeared to be a reunion. Old classmates, two of them getting married to each other. Most of them Dr Murks have not seen for several years but majority of them still the best friends to each. Feels like turning back time for 6 years or more... It is known exactly what kind of jokes people are doing, what are their most interesting topics to discuss, body-language, what complexes one have, even their dress-code is not changed. Creepy but fun at the same time.
According to Estonian wedding tradition most of the guests get professions. Dr Murks had a nice profession in the wedding. Every time Dr Murks said "cuckoo" the others had to start with their assignments. The time teller told the time, the kisser kissed, the "crouchers" hunkered down (they were the most dutiful), the dancers took somebody to dance, the clapper made and applause and so on. Dr Murks was like a leader of the pack :).

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dr Murks is jumping on the skin of cow

It came so quickly. Dr Murks could not even close eyes and count till three when the Sun of spring already pinched from the cheeks and birds started to sing so loud that he just had to open the eyes again and look up to the trees and in the pushes to see these loudly crowd. The air smells like melting snow the ground looks like the skin of cows - white spots of melting snow are varying with black muddy soil. The water brakes throw everything. Galanthus is blooming already in the gardens of Soup Town!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dr Murks in da Summer Cottage

Dr Murks was four days on a fieldwork evaluating summer cottage districts in the metropolitan area of Tallinn. Ooo, what a wonderful/"wonderful" architecture and living standards for many.
Rounds and round windows have been totally popular for summer cottage districts. Even new built living houses use the same decoration. Only one of the pictures does not have this garnish...