Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Princess Murks did The Marathon

63km. From Otepää to Elva, on the snow, with the skis. 1h faster than last time that was 3 years ago. Preparation: 35km during last 3 weeks (not promising :S), lots of nuts-and-pasta-eating in last days. And there she went, up-nd-down the hills, inside the forest, on the fields. Talking to the people in bee-costumes, to old men wearing the same clothes and skis as on the marathon 20 years ago. Relaxing, chilling, eating bananas nd drinking different salty stuff on the stops. 7h:2min:44sec.
To prevent the acing muscles, Princess Murks jumped into the hot-water-barrel and took a "leili" in men-sauna urgently after the Finish. Great success!Photo on 39th kilometer, by Mika Keränen

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