Monday, May 23, 2011

Princess Murks is a princess

Princess Murks is a princess. Nothing new in this sentence. This is as obvious as any simple logical formula. Red apple is red colored, paper bag is made of paper, spring-flowers can be found during spring, etc.
But what does it really mean to be a princess? Besides wearing a crown, obviously. How does Princess Murks recognize that she really is a princess? Where does this conviction origin from?

Being a princess appears for Princess Murks mainly in coming-true dreams and wishes. Somehow it is so easy to think "Ooou, would be so nice if it would happen like this..." and it happens like this. Or, "Ouuuu, I so much would like to have something like this..." and Princess Murks is getting what she wishes for. Sometimes she gets even more than Princess Murks can imagine beforehand. All these small nice things are so easy to happen. They come so suddenly and so often that there is hardly any time to enjoy and appreciate one when the next one is already knocking behind the door.
The time is full of small happy endings. And seems like the life continues to go on happily ever after.
That is how it is to be a princess, to be Princess Murks :D.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princess Murks is a package

Princess Murks is a package. Cover for some gift or something.. So far, nobody really knows what is inside there because nobody has not tried to open it or even to peek inside. It is not yet the time to open. Everyone has to wait. And longer one waits before opening the package the longer one is getting curious and impatient - I already want to know what is in there! I can not wait any more!
What is it there? Is it big or small thing? Is it round or has corners? What color does it have? What can do with it? Is it something beautiful or just interesting? Within time the wrapped and hidden thing is getting more precious, more waited, more expected to be something really-really intriguing.
But now, one can only admire the package and wait till the time is right to unwrap it.