Monday, September 21, 2009

Princess Murks is sad and weeps

It is raining. Princess Murks is crying.
Where am I? Why am I here? Why not there? Princess Murks wants to be there but also does not want to be there and is happy to be here. But also sad to be here and not there.
What is the thing there? Why to be there? Can not explain it. Can not understand it. Everywhere has been good so far. All the places as good as any other. Ok, ok, Princess Murks has been homesick for homey friends and food and sisters and parents and the small ones.. But there is not the home. There is apparently just another place. Should be a place just as good as any other. Noot!
What it the thing there? Why to be there? Just some physical attraction, chemical reaction that makes it different from other? No, Princess Murks do not know any formula for that. Feels something really attractive, dangerous at the same time. Interesting but unknown. Seemingly so close, simple, and easy to handle but so difficult and inaccessible.
What is it? How do describe it? Princess Murks can not say any word for or against it. Princess Murks is confused, do not know. Princess Murks wants to go there but is afraid. Princess Murks just sits and cries. Cries with the rain.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Princess Murks wants to argue

Talk. Talk. Talk. Not just to Talk but argue. Argue. Argue. Argue. Princess Murks approaches people with the aim of arguing. Not just to get a good discussion and nice talk. Princess Murks wants to argue. Have to admit, some people are useless for that. Boring!
Luckily, some are really useful. At times, Princess Murks does not have to use provocative standpoints to make them getting all over red and ready for a good debate. Still, most of the cases need some inducement, but then they start burning with even lighter flame. Jeee!
The funniest is to have a debate with a person Princess Murks would normally unconditionally agree. Just to think up the contra-arguments and to see how confused the person would get.
What is the argument good for? It is just for convincing yourself of your good ideas with the good arguments you can contrive during the debate. In the end both sides will be much more convinced how good ideas they have because they have found so many good arguments to support themselves.
Princess Murks likes arguing, arguing makes her more cleaver.