Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr Murks at Osterfest

-The Roof
- The "eggs" found from pots, shelves, coffeepot...
- Opening the painted eggs
- Nice and a bit different colors from red onion peelings, couscous, string, tea...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr Murks lives in winter wonderland

There is 40cm of snow in the ground, 40cm of snow! If one cm would melt from the ground there would be 39cm of snow!
As old Estonians say: "the winter woun't stay in the sky!" So it came down now! on 25th of March! Abnormal! Foto:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dr Murks does not have a man in the house

Taavi is gone. Went away. To the other side of the world - as far as one can go.
Now Tsipe and Dr Murks are heating the flat but it does not get warm. No warmth at all here. Brrrrrrr! Burn as many woods as you can but the rooms are still cold. Two girls are two girls are two girls. The rose is rose is rose. Even the weather went colder in The Soup Town when Taavi left. Suddenly in the middle of the blooming Galanthuses some snow lied to rest. The starting spring is gone.
But from the bright side..
Already waiting for the time when he comes back and brings smell of sunshine, some good ocean shrimps, lobsters and fish from the Southern waters as he normally brought marine-food from the Eastern Islands.
And soon we will share a flat with a guy from South province of Estonia. Already promised to provide us with honey and jam in the case Dr Murks is willing to make pancakes. Sounds like: "What you think of the plan, when we share a common pan: you can bake the pancakes, I can eat them all" Hmmm, will see who will be the cake-baker...
But till Mr Kait moves in, Tsipe and Dr Murks are destroying all the alcohol in the house to get some warmth. Easy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dr Murks is connected

Dr Murks is calling. Dr Murks calls to a village named Thredbo. Situated in Australia. Dr Murks talks to Tiiu who is currently ended her workday in a restaurant and now at home with friends making carrot cocktails.
Dr Murks is writing an sms. An sms to a phone in Istambul. Iris, Ann and Taavi are there and stating their trip to the East. Also to Australia. Australia is so near.
Dr Murks is receiving an e-mail. An e-mail from an old friend who is working in Sydney. Soon-soon starting to study in an university there.
Dr Murks is making another call. A call to Buea. A small town situated on the roots of Cameroon mountain. Dr Murks talks to Leslie who has not gone out of home for 5 days. There are harsh days in Cameroon these days. Riots on the streets against Paul Biya who is being the most corrupted president of the whole world alreday 25 years now. Fuel and food prices are risen and the president wants to rule another 7 years period. At least Leslie sounds fine and talks happily of his plans to study and get married not before 10 years from now.
Dr Murks gets another e-mail. From Yaounde. Mr Edmond Che gives a n overview of his recent days. An accident with moto - fortunately all is recovering quickly. The days are harsh but still livable.
Dr Murks gets a "pip" from Marcelin, from hot Garua. And makes a "pip" back.
Dr Murks gets an e-mail with a recipe of Arroz Moro from Pinar Del Rio from Liz. With tasty greetings. Mmmmmm.
Dr Murks gets an e-mail from San Francisco. From the most faderly man Dr Murks can think of - Mr Fred. Heyhoo, Fred!
Dr Murks goes for the Easter weekend to Berlin. Just like this. Just for 3 days. Not thinking about all this exhaust the plane gives out... But planning to see Tea, Simone, Vivian and Sepp.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr Murks is under surveillance

Anybody can see whee Dr Murks is hanging around and read the messages send by Dr Murks just on-line in the web. Dr Murks is under surveillance. Just to get the feeling - does it feel uncomfortable, funny, terrible...?
Look yourself: Dr Murks from 10th to 14th of March 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dr Murks is making friends with red tape

Organizing a workshop is not a joke. Every day make at least 2 calls to accountants and ask: how? why? which papers? which financial source? when? where? how big percent?
In the end it becomes clearer. There is a system! But the system is terrible...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dr Murks is the big mama

How are you? What have you been doing? Have you had some fun? Have you had enough fun? Have you eaten enough? Are you hungry? Would you care for some caffee or tea? Do you want me to make you some soup? Do you know where do you sleep the next week? How are you fellows? How is your family? What is your father doing? Is he feeling well? What have you being thinking lately? Have you already arranged your transportation from A to B? At what time will you be in B? Do you need any help concerned to...? Are you cold? Can I bring you a cardigan? Do you want me to play with you? Is it fine with you, if I call you when I see any Galanthus anywhere?