Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The citation of the day

Veel ilusama elu saate, kui progete automaadi, mis teile iga 47 minuti tagant saadab lillelise kirja tekstiga "kõik on suurepärane". Kõik muud kirjad keelake ära (TO).
You get even better life, if you program an automate that sends you a flowery e-mail with a note "Everything is marvelous!" in every 47 minutes. All the other mail just prohibit (TO).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dr Murks is drinking people

Hmmm, one has tastes of currants, dried red fruits; not overly fruity, but showing well. Nice structure with good legs and a nice, but not overly long finish. You can sit with it and talk with it and all over is a smooth melody that keeps the mood constantly high.
One has the taste of cold beer after long day outdoors and finally spent some time in high-heated vapor sauna. You feel like never met something so refreshing and right on its correct place.
One has the taste of mojito on sandy-windy beach with balm trees and salty water. You taste it and taste it and suddenly you have so much energy that you could take up whatever. You talk till your mouth can not move. You fulfill all the crazy ideas. And later when you think about all what happened you feel it is too improbable to be true as if you were thinking it all up.
One has the taste of bad vodka that you get the hangover strait after drunken one sip. Takes time to get back the balance of normal life. These drinks should be at least forbidden to sell after 11PM in the evening. Better if they would be considered as poisonous.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dr Murks dances after fire-music

The fire in the kitchen range is making music. The wood is singing songs of warmth and comfortableness. The river is almost under the ice and the snow is covering the land. It is winter again. The marathon was canceled but it feels like skying at last. The sun is cold. When Dr Murks goes outdoors to but the laundry out and forgets the cloves it takes some time to get the fingers moving later.
Somehow the senses are really active recently, small details are important. Melodies, brief contacts, glances, smiles, smells...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dr Murks knows different men

1. The ones that are talkative only in big crowds. They are seemingly talking to Dr Mukrs but say everything so loud that everyone in the room can hear. They do not expect that D Murks will reply anything but thinks: "wow, what an ideas!" They are lecturers that rule over the topics that are being discussed. They sometimes do not notice how boring the topic is for Dr Murks. And even if they do, they do not mind as they are anyway having larger audiences - somebody will get the "brightness" of the monologue.
2. The ones that are concerned over every bodies participation in the conversation and when the topic is becoming too specific for all to have the interest, they say: "Let's change now the topic that Dr Murks can also participate" Mmmmm. It really feels much better to be noticed in the group :)
3. The ones who remember even Dr Murks old jokes and still laugh at them, although it takes Dr Murks some time to remind the situation. They pass Dr Murks house on their evening walk and come to chop some wood sticks just to see somehow famous Axe in the woodshed. Eheh.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr Murks is dancing on the books

Somehow books are recently too important things. Dr Murks has spent much money on them during last month. Half a salary? Just some days ago Dr Murks got almost 600EUR from Doctoral School to buy more books. Books, books, books. But reading is so good! Only thing that the legs and the bottom are getting so bored just sitting and reading. That is why Dr Murks is dancing and reading, walking and reading, standing on one leg and reading, making yoga exercises and reading... Reading, reading, reading. Hopefully the doctoral exam will be done in spring.
Besides, a beer smells, tastes and makes really good feeling after a month without! Mmmmm. And Mr Lukk will take Dr Murks to a restaurant, because he admitted that he took a shot already in the beginning of the month. :)