Sunday, October 29, 2017


Have confidence!
Be a good mother!
Be professional!
Take care of others!
Walk the dog!
Keep clean!
Make good healthy food!
Take care of yourself!
Be a good listener!
Participate in conversations!
Have good humor!
Be sharp in expressions!
Be helpful!
Know what you want!
Have focus!
Learn fast!
Be bright!
Be on time!
Look neat!

Again, have confidence!

It is too much...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I have missed the trains

It seems to me
that everyone
i building up their carrier.

Working where needed to
get experience
Learning what needed
having a concrete
and thorough

But I don't
I am messy
I get excited about everything
and I am not specialized on

Sometimes I hope
everyone is just
good pretenders.
But in fact
they hardly are
They just know
what they like
I do not.

Have I missed this train...

And then
there is this other train
training and being fit....
I do no sports

I should I really should
I know how much I could

But when? where? how?
It is dark in the evenings to go
for a walk or run
and I am tired by then...

Daytime passes in the office
evening with kids...

The train is gone?

Ouh, I am just
making stupid excuses, I know.
Instead of pulling myself together
and doing something with my life.
Changing something.