Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dr Murks lives in the SnowWorld

A picture from window. The temperature should be approximately -11 degrees. Oven to heat, lot of fat and hot stuff to eat, warm cloths on and first round on skis will be booked at 11 am. Let the tears come from eyes when you sledge downhill and let then frees into ice cubes right away! Superb!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dr Murks is in Boiler

Have you ever felt this feeling? Being in the boiler? It is like you see all the bubbles going towards the surface in the boiling water, everyone of them carrying a message or an idea or... and you just see them quickly passing by. You only see how many bright and different ideas there are but as you want to see them more close they already disappear to the air and become just a part of this huge gray gas-body. There are so-so many possibilities to live your life, to base your ideas on, to create something nice and interesting but you just see the flashes of the ideas but before you can sit on one bubble it is disappeared. You can not catch them course you are not able to decide early enough. This is how Dr Murks feels recent times. Do many thoughts to pick up the ones to carry on.
And then it makes Dr Murks so jealous when he sees people with concrete and bright ideas. For example Mr Chiaradia from London who was to Estonians Art Academy to talk about a method measuring the connectivity of the parts of the cities. He was so convinced and convincing that it was just amazing. Whatever stupid or not stupid question anybody asked he just could explain you everything. Dr Murks had before only hears some septic opinions about the method he introduced and read some badly-written articles where it sounded as new religion not a method. But after meeting Mr Chiaradia he really saw how important are personal relationships between scientists. You can read as many articles and write as many but if you are reclusive and not willing to communicate, cooperate and... you are just an empty place. And by the way, it is very interesting and constructive to see some other scientists making their work then just your own professor who is just asking you much without even basic politeness.
Anyway as a result of last two weeks seminars Dr Murks found some inspiration to start work again in more patient mood. He will systematically look throw the bubbles from the boiler and pick up the Chosen Ones. The results how it will work out will be commented soon on these pages.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dr Murks is showing off

Last Monday at 10 pm in the evening Dr Murks and his friends opened an exhibition about their trips in the Library of The University of Tartu. There were many people coming, listening the speeches, asking questions and drinking 6 liters of vine in total. The participants were boot out from the Library at midnight as they were sitting on the floor having a talk companied by vine and did not hear the melody notifying the closing time. The after party took place in Zavood. The article about the voluntary work in developing countries and the exhibition can be read at Tartu Postimees. Too bad that it is only in Estonian.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Dr Murks can eat ginger bread in the bath

Dr Murks turned the page. There is written 2007 on the bottom of the page now. Dr Murks already has a small vision of the picture that will be drawn on the page and witch kind of colors to use and what will be written there... But it is not jet time to dive into dreams, better to describe events already happened.
They went on a trip to the South. Standing on the edge of the world, hills and woods belonging to Latvia seen on the other side, the sky went suddenly break and a bit wet snow started to fell down. "Christmas miracle! Christmas miracle!" they screamed. To dance and jump and run in the snowfall! Then they found a stone-round in the garden of local witchcraft, took one stone and made the round and put the stone somewhere in the round wishing something concrete and nice for the next year. Old oak-trees showed the way to the ruins of watermill by the pearl river and it started to go dark... Time to sit back in their red carriage and ride to the Dirty Teeth village where were waiting stoves and smoke-sauna to be heated and potatoes, meat, sauerkraut, black budding to be made for eating. House had no electricity but they had many candles and oil-lamp taken with, so the house turned to be as bright as candle-light can make.
They made the saun. Saun is a small house you heat till the temperature reaches at least 80 degrees, sometimes even 120. Then you take off your cloths and will go to the hot room to make your body hot-hot and beat yourself (or somebody else beats) with special broom made of branches of birch. It really cleans your body and soul. They had smoke-saun. This is a special form of saun with no chimney. It means all the smoke is coming in the room. You heat it long, for about 6 hours till the stones on the stove will get very hot, then you will take out the glowing coals and open all doors and windows. It takes about 15 minutes, then you close the doors and may go in. The stones heat the room and if you throw water on the stones it make water vapor to heat your body even more. More, more, more!!! Dr Murks likes specially to jump into the snow or throw cold water on the skin in between going to the hot saun. Special pleasure! And it was snowing during a day - what a nice saun-evening!
For the moment of turning the page there was a need to but up a fire. All the snow was melting already and the bower of fire-light should defeat the darkness of the night. It certainly did. This is approximately how it was.