Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dr Murks knows the boss

A finding from the streets of Tartu during the Night Ride. The dog looks really cute compared to the other warning sign...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dr Murks sees fathers and sons

Amazing, how many fathers and sons there are in town. Recently the concentration has gone extremely high. Walking on the town hall square, in the beach, on Jänese walking path, in the banks etc. Where are the mothers? According to one father: "She is making the last exams for her master degree". Maybe all of them? All mothers are studying in the library? According to other father: "She is at work. We are going to the market to by some foodstuff and then to the childrens' play group". Mothers are working, fathers are having the quality time with children.
On Sunday Dr Murks is going to the theater. The premiere of the play "Our father" About the relationships between fathers and sons... And Sveta is the video-queen!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr Murks is advertising...

...The Soup Town Days on the next weekend:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dr Murks has lost the reality

Listening a radio broadcast on surrealism. Seems like they are describing the weekend of Dr Murks. It started already on Friday morning when Dr Murks woke up because Dr Murks was crying in the dream. It really felt physical.. that there is not enough ear to breath and the tears were like falling from the eyes. But when finally awake the cheeks were dry. Brrrr! The dream was something similar to a film "Rwanda Hotel" that Dr Murks was watching already many weeks ago.. But the two days following have also been as in a dream, as doing everything in fume or in cotton wool. Hart to make a difference what has been real or made up in the backsides of Dr Murks mind.
For example a small accident with a bike - Dr Murks riding fast down the Vanemuise hill, a car from the parking place does not see it and turns on the way. Dr Murks almost can break but still hits the first part of the car, gets a hit to the ribs and loses a breath for a moment. When Dr Murks is coming out of the car the driver is starting complain about nothing - even not a scratch on the car and the mirror can be easily bended back. Soon there is also a woman from the street who is coming and accusing them both for not being careful enough. But the life is going on and Dr Murks can breath again and sends some displeased words toward the driver who is driving away already, looks that the bike is fine and rides on with a bit shaky legs. The reality is only in a bit hurting ribs...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dr Murks does not know the answer, again

And if Dr Murks offered to send an old laptop, that was not for sure the brightest idea as he was clearly asking for money, then:

Dear M,

Thank you for the help offered. as explain it is completely i think it would not be good to waste money an send that because .it would not help me. i am struggling to raise some money so that i can buy one. But if know that the laptop will help me then send it.

I want to study to higher hight.

If you have any way you can help me please do not hesitate.

Hope to read from you tomorrow

regards to all.


Dr Murks does not know the answer

Buh! Really stupid is this difference of wealth in the world. This so called First, Second and Third World thing. Seems the Second has almost gone for now - at least Estonia is also a part of the First. Developing World, Developed World (hate these terms!) And although Dr Murks does not consider self as rich, there is almost nothing to do - Dr Murks is rich. Even if Dr Murks does not have the means on own hands there is always possibility to rise enough money to get fancy things, travel to fancy places, do fancy activities - it does not take much. Even if they say that the State budget is in minuses - it does not matter. See it! WE ARE RICH!
But now. What to do? What to answer when sb writes you a letter like this:

Hearty Greetings!

Life is not easy here. Things are extreme hard with me. We are battling to survive.I am struggling get a laptop so that i can carryout some studies from the internet. With this Laptop materials will be downloaded from the internet and study in the house.I want to know more about Political science.With the hardship my chances of going through this project is slim.

Please i will welcome any advice from you on how i can improve my situation.

Hope to hear from you.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dr Murks plays hide-nd-seek with coffee

Dr Murks has new coffee can. But the water to the downer container, the coffee powder to the middle and screw the upper container on. But the can to the heating place. Soon the empty container will star fulfilling with excellent brown liquid that tastes perfect! So, every time Dr Murks makes coffee there is a new surprise!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr Murks looks for nutcrackers

Dr Murks went to Pärnu and Pootsi. The roots are there. There was a birth anniversary of the Grandfather. Dr Murks never knew him, never met him, he was dead already long before Dr Murks was born. Dr Murks only knows the stone in the cemetery. They went there to make it clean and bring flowers after having a huge dinner and night long UNO-cards play the last night. And also to visit some relatives living in a coastal village in Pootsi. As always, village people want to give you all the products they grow.. There are always some leftovers :). Now Dr Murks could eat onion-soup for the rest of spring and if there could be any nutcrackers in the house Dr Murks could also eat nuts till engorged.
Some pictures here of the farmhouse and people:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dr Murks is brushing hair

Dr Murks never thought much of the hair that grows out from the head. Just something that can be cut, helps to design different images, make braids, but some decorations in and so on. Dr Murks has been almost bold twice in life. This just brought the understanding that having hairs is important and without the hair it feels like something is missing. When Dr Murks was younger the Father used to cut Dr Murks' hair quite short, sometimes using a bot or bawl. He had the idea that short hair in childhood makes hair thick, strong and beautiful for laterhoods. Do not really agree...
But for now, Dr Murks has reached the maximum of the hair length ever had before - about 45cm. Recently Dr Murks fond something special and weird with the hair... The hair has bower. The hair has strength and stoutness, electricity. And the hair transfers it while brushing them. Ururururrr. If brushing long enough the hair starts sparkling...

Dr Murks met Mr Spring

One night Dr Murks was walking through the city to home. Mr Spring was working on the town hall square: And later, next morning, his daughters were dancing in the gardens:
Mr Spring smells good...