Thursday, February 19, 2009

Princess Murks is not able to use official language

It sounds rude and cold. Does it? Sounds as a machine has produced it not an human being. Concrete structure, specific words, introduction, topics, explanations, conclusion, concluding remarks. Nothing personal, nothing light and funny, no mistakes. Brutal facts, brutal info. Boring.
It sounds as the writer is lying: can not be true that somebody can write any official text from the bottom of their heart. Or should there be an heart in every text somebody writes? Why not? No use to produce something without really truly believe it. "Bäh", if the aim is just to fill the form. Boring!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Princess Murks did The Marathon

63km. From Otepää to Elva, on the snow, with the skis. 1h faster than last time that was 3 years ago. Preparation: 35km during last 3 weeks (not promising :S), lots of nuts-and-pasta-eating in last days. And there she went, up-nd-down the hills, inside the forest, on the fields. Talking to the people in bee-costumes, to old men wearing the same clothes and skis as on the marathon 20 years ago. Relaxing, chilling, eating bananas nd drinking different salty stuff on the stops. 7h:2min:44sec.
To prevent the acing muscles, Princess Murks jumped into the hot-water-barrel and took a "leili" in men-sauna urgently after the Finish. Great success!Photo on 39th kilometer, by Mika Keränen