Sunday, December 28, 2008

Princess Murks has dysgraphia

Or is it tyscraphia, or tyskraphia... You, the reader, have probable noticed it, or you have the same disorder. Princess Murks does not get what is this fuss all about around using g, k, p, b, d, t, sometimes even, w, v, o, a, e... and all this other letters that all "look" and sound the same. Is there a real difference between: cold and gold? woter and water? gome and come? billow ans pillow? And all this other word that all "look" and sound the same. Princess Murks suggests that all people (dysgraphs) can write everything as they like and it is up to the readers to interprate the words. Who can not understand has to think again or leave it :). Hurray!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Princess Murks found her crown

Princess Murks did not have a crown. Never had it, because Princess Murks never was a princess before. Princess Murks went to find her crown. Princess Murks made a long journey, passing many countries; crossing many rivers, oceans, mountain chains; known and unknown places... Almost made it to the end of the world.. Then Princess Murks finally found it. It was laying in the bottom of a Lake in the High Mountains. Princess Murks was overly happy. "I finally found it, now I can return home. " But Princess Murks was wrong... Suddenly something happened... The crown dissolved in the water and disappeared. It was gone. Princess Murks had to start again: passing many countries; crossing many rivers, oceans, mountain chains; known and unknown places... And there it was shining golden in another Lake, in another High Mountains. In a Lake with freshly melting ice. Princess Murks left it there. Princess Murks did not want to take it with as had wanted to take the other one. Let it be there and Princess Murks is sure that when there is a need Princess Murks can go, look and enjoy it there in its secret place.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dr Murks is now Princess Murks

Dr Murks is no longer Dr Murks. Does not feel like. Dr Murks is now Princess Murks because it feels like being a Princess. Everything goes as Princess Murks wants. Specially the weather. If there is need for sunshine, Princess Murks gets the sunshine. If there is a need for a snowfall, the snow is falling. Easy. And as well the other wishes, they always come true. And if they do not then Princess Murks just pretends that there was no wish beforehand. Easy.