Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dr Murks has "Tartu day"

What are the Tartu days? The days full of surprises, the days you wake up but you have no idea what it will be like and in the evening you do not remember what you did in the morning because it seems ages away. Or you go out for an half an hour to fulfill one idea and reach home 7 hour later having been in 7 different places all over the town meeting 7 (or more) Tartu-people.
Today it was one of these days.
Dr Murks went out to make a language test in the morning, finish a small report by noon and come home start backing for the trip. At noon it started to turn into one of these Tartu days... A office-mate showed his pictures from Azerbaijan and Georgia - an hour left, Dr Murks went home, ate, and some friends came by for coffee. Later Dr Murks went for a small visit to the library for some books, got an idea to step by a second-hand shop and found excellent shirt for the travel, met Mdm Tea on the way home, who gave him a small parcel for trip-surprise (can not write what it really is..) and invited to visit another friend, some cups of tea and some snaps there and on the way sending Mdm Tea home meeting Mr Kaido on the streets who was just on the way to sauna, without much thinking quick decision to join the sauna and here we go.. At the end at home by midnight to finally start packing for The TRIP. Sleeping in the morning.
The time in Tartu.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dr Murks is a mamber of Fan-Fun Glub

The third from the left side is the Superman

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dr Murks smells the winter

Dr Murks went outdoors. From the window the weather seemed nice. The weather was nice. But there was something different than yesterday. Something different. It smelled different. Yesterday it was just this moisture-rich autumn, everything falling - the leaves, the rain, the mood.. Today it smelled as there were small ice-cubes in the air. It smelled like winter, winter was already opening the door.
Dr Murks feels the need to leave. To migrate to the south. To take the stock to the south where the grass is greener, the sun gives more energy and the milk will be more nutritious. The time is near when Dr Murks leaves all active projects unfinished, half-eaten bread to the table and half-drunk beer next to it, half-knitted socks uncompleted... Dr Murks takes the rucksack and walks away.
"And Dr Murks would just feel joy,
when you sometimes see the Moon and wonder
that only the Devil knows, how Dr Murks is doing..."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dr Murks is dancing on an autumn ball

Dr Murks went to see the movie. Sügisball, an Estonian film that was screened in Venice film festival. The profiles of the people living in Lasnamäe, one of the creepiest city region in Tallinn. And the profiles were even more creepy. People absorbing the outside world, not understanding it but trying to make a face that everything is in the best order and they really planned it this way. Scared when they felt real emotions, from inside. Easy life. But it is everywhere. Living a bright, outstanding life without any real emotions.
Like the guy, to whom Dr Murks gave a lift the other day.
A: "I need to go and support Koit Toome in a TV show "Strictly Come Dancing"" (Koit Toome is a young singer)
DM: "Why? Is he your friend?"
A: "Not really a friend. But I need to keep the contact with him and show my interest because I want him to come to sing at my sisters' wedding"
DM: "Does your sister likes his music?"
A: "Not really"
DM: "Do you like his music?"
A: "Not really. But, you know, it is just to make a good show and have a surprise on the wedding. This famous guy in coming - it is something to impress the guests."
DM: "Hmm, interesting. When will the wedding be? In some weeks?"
A: "No, next year in August"
Dr Murks was a bit shocked. First, there is somebody planning a big party a year in advance. What if they break up meanwhile, what if they do not feel like dancing at this day after a year, what if.. And the party already seems boring for the participants point of view with a famous singer whose songs nobody really likes. But that is how it supposed to be. Long-organized parties with celebrates, people come, smile their iron smiles, say greetings and compliments and leave..
Dr Murks feels like a nerd.