Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Princess Murks has Big Feet

Big Feet are not considered as something beautiful, are they?
Princess Murks had a day where the feet were growing bigger and bigger that fast that she could not help. I has to be admitted that it did not feel bad. Though the subconsciousness was singing the dramatic melody for the background: "Da-da-da-daaa, you will never want to fill in the test of Ecological Footprint that Mdm Age had just elaborated. Never-ever, as your feet would smash the whole Milky-Way!"

How did it happen?

Princess Murks was on the way from Tln to Stckhlm. The cheapest way was to fly via Krssr. Fine, going on a plane at 8am. Why not to spend some nice morning in Krssr? And the morning was nice. Sunny and the junipers all around, and the smell of seaside and the small town with its cafes. Mmmm.
- Ring-ring!
- Hello! Am I talking to Princess Murks?
- Yees?!
- We are sorry to announce you that your flight to Stckhlm has been dismissed. There is an option that you go back to airport and take a fligth back to Tln at 11am, there will be a flight from Tln to Stckhlm at 1pm. Fine?
- Fine. If I run back to airport I can make it.
- Good. Sorry again. Have safe flights!
- Tnx.
Princess Murks is aheading to the airport. A woman (who talks as she was singing) in the airport is greeting her, but says.
- A ticket for youwas sent here. But there is a little misunderstanding. there are no flights to Tln at 11am. Tha next fligth goes at 2pm. I do not know where did they get the data for this flight.
- Eheee. What now?
Many phone calls were made, including to a relative of the woman just to discuss what is happening and what could be the solution. Finally the airport phone is ringing again:
- Ring-ring!
- This call is for you, Princess Murks.
- Hallo?!
- Sorry again, we had some problems in the database. Now. You can take the flight to Tln at 2pm and the evening flight to Stckhlm at 7pm. Is it ok?
- Hmmmmm, ok.
- In addition. We ask you to visit the Estonian Air agency in Tln airport and we will give you 250EUR to compensate your inconveniences.
- Eh?! Ok

Princess Murks was vaiting for the plane. Meanwhile managed to make another tour in town. hiked around between the junipers, and used the airport wifi. The time came to go on the plane. And. And. And. There was no other passnger. Nobody. A private fligth for Priness Murks :S!!! The stuard was nice and offered juce. The pilotse were even nicer and asked Princess Murks to join them in the pilot-booth. Uhuuuu! Of caurse!

What an experience! The only passanger in the plane and the marvelous views on a clear sunny day over Estonia. Did you know that you can see almost the whole west coast of Estonia when you fligh in 3km hinght ower the Muhu islang. Amasing. So cool! The pilots are explaining about flying and about the air-corridors and about whatever Princess murs is asking. Only annoying thing is the singing subconsciousness...

"Da-da-da-daaa, you will never want to fill in the test of Ecological Footprint that Mdm Age had just elaborated. Never-ever, as your feet would smash the whole Milky-Way! Da-da-da-daaa!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Murks learns to make compliments

Did not know that it can be so difficult to say nice things to people. Even more difficult is to hear them about yourself. Why is it so?

Maybe because...
1. the father of Princess Murks never had said: "Good morning, my beautiful daughter".
2. in the most fairy tales Princess Murks heard in the childhood the beautiful princesses were always "pretty but dull".
3. nice words sound ironic. They can easily be said ironically.
4. there are not so many adjectives in Estonian language.
5. Princess Murks has used to show her positive attitude with a big smile. Do not know the words that can mean the same.
6. etc

Still a right compliment can make Princess Murks to feel as light as a bird lflying in the sunny sky. Wants to let the other people feel the same.