Friday, December 22, 2006

Dr Murks is waiting for a chimney sweeper

It is dam cold in the room. One can't make a fire in the oven course the oven will let all the smoke come inside the room. Then you have to open the windows and run away from home if you do not want to have terrible headache. And the owner of the flat, who is just living next door, promised already two weeks ago to come and clean the chimney. Where is the cleaner now? Two weeks ago the days were still worm-warm enough for not heating the house but now the winter has begun - this night at 2.22 am when Dr Murks was sleeping under two blankets wearing thick sweater.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dr Murks knit woollen socks

Last night Dr Murks spent his time knitting woolen socks and watching film about Finish ski jumper Matti Nyganen. For the morning the town was covered by 15cm of fresh powder snow, the sky was clear and the Sun was so bright that you could just squint your eyes. Is Dr Murks a warlock or what?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dr Murks saw a film...

... that he can not get out of his mind. It was already three days ago when Dr Murks went to see last films from PÖFF (dark nights film festival - He hoped to spend two hours in Tartu Jaani church where they showed the film, but it turned out to be 6 hours long stay, from 9pm to 3am! The problems occurred with the films as they showed first some other stupid film made after Knud Rasmusseni diaries. This film turned to be total fiasco! The Inuits where shown as stupid and mentally ill nation. Baaaa, Dr Murks felt cold vibes thinking back to this film.
But the real film Dr Murks wanted to see, finally saw was called "After the wedding". Danish film. About an middle-aged rich dying man playing the God. He arranged his wifes old lover coming back from India one had lived and worked for homeless children for 20 years. He introduced him his daughter he newer knew before, gave him a lot of money for using his homeless-children-aid-project in India but made him to stay a in Denmark for the rest of his life - no stay no money. The aim was that he should take care of the wife who is becoming a widow soon and his own daughter plus two boys, their children. The most interesting was that the rich man really managed to arrange everything as he liked. Only thing that he really did not want to dye but he did. But
the guy from India left his mission there, took the money and send it there instead of himself. Dr Murks was not agree with the film director at all. His idea was that everybody should stay to their roots. Danish people to Denmark and Indians to India and it is already fine when The Rich send their money to The Poor. It is already good if The Poor can buy himself new football goals but as The Rich are already so used to have everything that you can buy then they need people and friends and fathers... New level of being The Rich - things I already have, now I need all the people. Dr Murks was really disappointed when the guy having mission in India left it because of the money he could send to India now and maybe because he still liked the woman left alone with two young boys and now he knew his daughter. And you could still see from his eyes that he would have liked to stay in India with all these family less children, but he chose to stay for these 2 boys and money to Denmark. Is it really so easy that The Poor are happy with money and The Rich are unhappy with money? so that good people should go to The Rich to comfort them and money can be spread to The Poor to comfort them. Everybody happy!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Dr Murks needs a lighter

Dr Murks can't make difference between day and night. And what kind of difference can one make if there is always so dark that you have to switch on the light in the room at daytime and also at night - always too dark to read something or do other indoor activities. And outside - there is no difference. Dr Murks just counted that he saw Mdm Sun only once during last two week. Huuu! Maybe it is to blame that during these weeks he went to sleep every night not before 3am and woke up not before 10.30am. And at 3 o'clock pm it really starts to go dark again... - maybe Mdm Sun shows himself only in the morning.
This morning Dr Murks made an experiment. He woke up already 6.30am course he needed to take a train in the early morning from one big town to another and it went only very early. Dr Murks wrote down: "At 6.30am it is totally dark." He took breakfast, put the things into back bag, washed teeth and put on cloths, went out at 7.10am and noticed: "It is still totally dark." He went on an electric train to go to the central train station, at 7.41 he ran from one train to another that started going right after he entered but managed to notice in between that "It is still totally dark." At 8am he started to notice that in the direction of the south the sky shows some marks of light, specially if you compare it to the northern sky. Still dark, still dark, still dark. At 8.30 the sky had become homogeneously grey. And as at 9am the sky was the same grey, not more lighter, Dr Murks thought that this should be the beginning of the day. What a disappointment - no Mdm Sun and only cloudy sky and cold moisture everywhere. Buuu! Where to escape? From his prior rating he already knew that at 3pm it starts going dark again. 6 hours of light that is not really light! What a nice living-environment we have here!
Somebody - Mdm Sun or Mr Snow or... - should come quickly and make the time lighter here! Otherwise...