Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dr Murks is enjoying the music

The birds are singing! The nightingales are singing in the parks, on the bushes, by the river behind the windows. No time to sleep. The bird are singing and Dr Murks is staying up sitting on the window till the nightingales finish their concert to give an overwhelmed applause. One-more-time! One-more-time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dr Murks is an interior decorator

Ask as many times as you like... In the end Dr Murks decorated the workplace by own. Only the good smell is missing - the cheap materials - the room is renovated with - smell like hell. Any ideas where to get better aura?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr Murks discovered the Milk Round

A couple from Valgamaa, from the South province is coming every Tuesday, every Friday to the town to sell their barn products. Milk, cottage cheese and eggs. They stop for 10 minutes by the street and local informed community is gathering around.
- Hello, hello! Glad I made it!
- How is it going here?
- Please today 3 liters for me. I am a milk calf!
- Can I please have a half a kilo cottage cheese as well. Would like to taste yours.
- Hello Henri! Hello Leila!
- How is the bread proofing? I have not had a time to bake any in several weeks.
- Mine is quite fine. If you come to visit me tomorrow evening you can taste the last bite.
- Why not! And I will bring fresh swiss roll out of these eggs I bought here.
- Good! See us tomorrow evening!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dr Murks is listening

People are talking and talking and talking. Dr Murks is asking questions. Everybody likes to talk about themselves. Showing pictures of their doings. Discussing about their lives. Talking, talking, talking. Even if they are not talking about real things. What they really are interested in. They still talk, talk about themselves, about something. Who they are. What they are. Why they are. And Dr Murks is asking questions and showing sympathy. Is interested in every piece. Swallowing everything the people bring out. Ou, really interesting! What if you look it from this perspective?! Ou, you have already done it and reached this conclusion! What a marvelous idea!
Dr Murks is superficial. Dr Murks lets everybody talk. Newer takes the word to say anything in any different topic. Why? People want to talk. They like to talk about themselves. About their miserable lives. But Dr Murks is yawning inside. Maybe Dr Murks would also like to talk about his miserable life. Nobody asks and Dr Murks keeps silent. Only listens.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dr Murks is cleaning windows

The rain is washing the town every day for half an hour. Before and after the sun is shining intensely and drying everything, adding the smells of nutritions, growth, maturity... The view form the window of Dr Murks down to the Soup Town becomes fresher and greener every day, every moment.
Dr Murks is washing the window. Washing away the dirt and stupidity, the problems and anxieties. To get the clear view. To see the outer world as it is, not as it is constructed in Dr Murks' head.
Waving to the neighbors who are grilling sausages and meet in the garden and looking with a fear in their face how Dr Murks is leaning out from the high standing window to reach the last corners of the class.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dr Murks is hunted by numbers

Many days already - 6401, six-four-zero-one, seis-cuatro-cero-uno, 6401, 6401... Coming to the dreams, jumping around on the streets, in the computer at work, in the grass in the parks, in the sand of the beach etc, etc. 6401, six-four-zero-one, seis-cuatro-cero-uno, 6401, 6401...
What numbers are those? Why do they not let go? Hunting and hunting, not letting go....
Finally Dr Murks opened the google and type "Dr Murks 6401". What to discover, what to remind and remember... It was the 7 years old combination of an old network Dr Murks used to belong. They want Dr Murks back! They want Dr Murks to start again!
And on Tuesday evening Dr Murks did. Dr Murks went to the meeting place, got familiar with the new innovated systems and did it. Did it again after 7 years!
Uh, it felt as a young elk had released to the nature again. Jumping over the small sods, enjoying the evening sun, the smell of fresh springy forest... Oh, what a wasted 7 years Dr Murks had spent without it! Never again!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dr Murks is meeting people

Sometimes it seems that there are no more new people here in town to get acquaintance with. All the people are familiar. Every time to go somewhere Dr Murks has to take double time because there are always some people to stop and talk to on the way. Only bike helps - then Dr Murks can just wave, quickly pass and go on. Often Dr Murks has difficulties to be on time because just can not pass the nice people and say at least "Ahoi!"
Still, last weekends Dr Murks made some new discoveries.
Dr Murks is going to The Clean Estonia 2008 event with 6 others that Dr Murks newer seen, never heard before. Gathering rubbish from the bushes by the roads... Tons of it. Talking to these 6 and other cleaners. There are people, nice people from the town Dr murks did not have a clue.
People coming to talk on the streets. Just like being on a travel. Old homeless a-social man is coming and telling Dr Murks of his life: killed 2, robbed, spent 18 years in prison, learned about astronomy. Showing how the Earth has seasons with a cheap aftershave bottle that he for sure is using for drinking.
People coming to talk in a bar. Sunday evening in a bar. Dr Murks and The Sister as the only girls. A group of good friends asking to join, buying vine. Talking of their life, of their friendship, of...
New people, indeed. More, more, more people.