Thursday, March 8, 2018

Power of words

I would like to be able to master
the Craft
of Words

To be able to express myself
in this powerful and Beautiful way

But anything I say
or write

sounds simple
too simple
too simplified

I do not know enough
in any language

I cannot play with Words
that I have no knowledge

and my brain cannot digest
them all


Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter is in spring

Winter is here

The evenings are so Cold
but our fireplace gives warmth
and it is nice

The mornings are Cold
and slippery
The Little cravel-road
Wakes me up
with a shock
every morning
when the car start sliding
towards the sides
and for a sec
I am not sure
if we are gonna make it
this time.

So far
so good.

It is Cold
all the time.
I do not mind
I do not mind.

But birds are singing
and the sun is shining
with the intencity
of the spring.

I know.
Nothing lasts forewer.