Monday, January 28, 2008

Dr Murks dances winter into spring

Last Thursday. The weather was great - big heavy snowflakes fell down from the sky. Dr Murks was walking to the salsa training and was looking soon looking like a snowman. So were all the other people on the streets: Smiling happily, carrying coal- eyes, -buttons, billycan-hats and carrots instead of nose. What a beautiful crowd!
Dr Murks went to dance. First to salsa-training and then to a dance-party organized by Old-Fat-Geographers. The party was great! The party was good! The party was super! Dr Murks did not drink a bit of alcohol due to the bet still valid till the end of January. But it was even better. You do all the crazy dancing and talking as you would do when you are drunk but you see it all clearly, remember it clearly and does not have an hangover in the morning :).
But when.. but when... But when Dr Murks was finally going home the snow was melted, the snowmen were melted. Streets were empty and wet. The spring was again winning the fight with the winter. And it supposed to be January.... Bad, bad, bad El Nino!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dr Murks is making tadelakt

The year has started. Time for new beginnings, new challenges. Normally Dr Murks does not take 1st of January as a new start but this year many new plans are pumping up since the year started. What are these...
A January without an alcohol. This is a 1st of January bet with Mr Lukk. Knowingly, why this date :). Almost half a time has gone already, not too bad time. Two discoveries - alco-free beer tastes like a water from boiled mushrooms (wak!) and without an alco it is harder to stay up till the morning at the party :).
A promise to visit Germany during the year... Somehow the country seems so far at the moment, but the time will come to go there.
To take a cat. This is really a new-year-foretell by Mdm Kusta. But it is not as easy as it seems - a cat needs a home and a home needs a family. Will see :).
Learning some "tacit knowledge". This is really only a sightly related to a new year because the handy-skills are always interesting to get to know. But as a possibilities have taken place just now. Dr Murks is learning how to make tadelakt. And not just a small pot or a exercise-wall but really a real, usable bathroom for somebody who should be crazy in letting Dr Murks and Mdm Tea practicing something they both to not know much about. At least Mdm Tea has a little more knowledge... At least it seems :).
And all the other plans, ideas that maybe newer come true. Will see, at least the year will be interesting. Maybe.