Sunday, December 28, 2008

Princess Murks has dysgraphia

Or is it tyscraphia, or tyskraphia... You, the reader, have probable noticed it, or you have the same disorder. Princess Murks does not get what is this fuss all about around using g, k, p, b, d, t, sometimes even, w, v, o, a, e... and all this other letters that all "look" and sound the same. Is there a real difference between: cold and gold? woter and water? gome and come? billow ans pillow? And all this other word that all "look" and sound the same. Princess Murks suggests that all people (dysgraphs) can write everything as they like and it is up to the readers to interprate the words. Who can not understand has to think again or leave it :). Hurray!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Princess Murks found her crown

Princess Murks did not have a crown. Never had it, because Princess Murks never was a princess before. Princess Murks went to find her crown. Princess Murks made a long journey, passing many countries; crossing many rivers, oceans, mountain chains; known and unknown places... Almost made it to the end of the world.. Then Princess Murks finally found it. It was laying in the bottom of a Lake in the High Mountains. Princess Murks was overly happy. "I finally found it, now I can return home. " But Princess Murks was wrong... Suddenly something happened... The crown dissolved in the water and disappeared. It was gone. Princess Murks had to start again: passing many countries; crossing many rivers, oceans, mountain chains; known and unknown places... And there it was shining golden in another Lake, in another High Mountains. In a Lake with freshly melting ice. Princess Murks left it there. Princess Murks did not want to take it with as had wanted to take the other one. Let it be there and Princess Murks is sure that when there is a need Princess Murks can go, look and enjoy it there in its secret place.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dr Murks is now Princess Murks

Dr Murks is no longer Dr Murks. Does not feel like. Dr Murks is now Princess Murks because it feels like being a Princess. Everything goes as Princess Murks wants. Specially the weather. If there is need for sunshine, Princess Murks gets the sunshine. If there is a need for a snowfall, the snow is falling. Easy. And as well the other wishes, they always come true. And if they do not then Princess Murks just pretends that there was no wish beforehand. Easy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr Murks is in two film

Dr Murks is acting in two films at the same time.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr Murks is somewhat tolerant

Tolerance. This word belongs to the dictionary of altruists. Dr Murks has always thought that it does not exist in reality. Being tolerant. Being tolerant is like being without bones, not really caring, not paying attention, not having an opinion. Being tolerant is like denying yourself. Denying your own ideas and ethics.

Still. Some time ago Dr Murks felt the new kind of feeling that can most probably be called tolerance. The way it happened:

Dr Murks knew a guy with whom was impossible to get along. Every time Dr Murks saw him Dr Murks felt like: “buuu-brrrr-mul-mul-mul-mul-wah-uh-luru-luru-luru-urrrrrrrr.” There was not anything specific. Or maybe there was. Too many details came together. So annoying, so stupid. Could speak hours about the issues related to him. Spend hours thinking how somebody can be like this. And at the same time, admit that he is not a bad person, just so annoying.

And on one day the feeling was gone. Gone with the wind or fallen down like a birch leave in the autumn. Dr Murks was talking to him and not feeling the “buuu-brrrr-mul-mul-mul-mul-wah-uh-luru-luru-luru-urrrrrrrr” anymore. Amazing! He was the same person, Dr Murks was the same person, but the feeling had flown away. Who can explain? Was there some door opened? Was there a wall fallen down? What happened?

The feeling is great! Dr Murks could even like this tolerance thing. Makes everything so light and free! Dr Murks can fly!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dr Murks is taking the Moonrun

Dr Murks is Moonrunning. In the autumn evening when the Daughters of Night have taken the colors of the Birch and Maple leaves for their dancing dress; they have left the trees gray and characterless. Only the tall shapes are bending in the wind and the Moon is designing the shapes of their shadows on the ground. The Moon is victorious, the Moon is royal. The Moon is looking down to the scenery and sees Dr Murks running between the trees; having a rest from a quicksilvery day, from the vertiginous colors.
Still. Auspiciously, the trees will regain their beautiful colors in the morning from the Sun.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dr Murks is washing clothes...

... and wondering
1. will the clothes be clean if they don't get any washing powder.
2. why the water from the washing machine is foaming as there is no powder in the machine.
3. how come Dr Murks is so dazed that forgot to use the powder.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr Murks meets new residents

Dr Muks made a decision to move out. Everybody is asking: "Where do you move?" "I move out," replies Dr Murks. Just out, to nowhere. Stuff can go to an old garage in Annelinn and Dr Murks to the wide world. Soon. Very soon.
And. After Dr Murks had made the decision, and started to look for new residents, Dr Murks discovered that there are already new residents in the flat. Even three of them. Only a pragmatic problem that they will not pay any rent. Let's introduce them.

First. In the woodshed, there lives a huge frog. Dr Murks just saw it in the morning. A beautiful one. Overly green and dots on the back. Dr Murks really felt like kissing it. But the frog was too peaceful, too calm, too respectful that Dr Murks did not tear to.
Second. In the corner of the room lives fungus. An ugly one that aims to take over the whole wall. Dr Murks discovered it while moving around the furniture for more convenient last weeks. And there it is! Welcome! Fortunately the Owner, who lives the next door and were asked to come over right after the discover promised to throw it out the coming weekend.
Third. A small black mice. Just run under the fridge in the kitchen today. There was already a sense of the existence of the mice in the air. As somebody had tasted the chocolate on The Flatmates table. But had not seen it before. Small and beautiful black creature. It has not left even any poop around us so far. Will see about its future here..

Besides, the room is light and relatively big even for two persons. On a sunny day, the sun shines from the window the whole day. The view is towards the Soup Town, Toome Hill and even the Tower of Jaani Church can be seen. The flatmates are nice and quiet (not allowed to make parties as there are many small children living in the house, but visitors are the most welcome). Woodheeting (the oven is god and keeps the flat warm for several days). Shower, fridge, washing machine. 10 min to Town Hall Squere, 2 min to jogging path by the Emajõgi. The most beautiful house on the street! And, and, and...

The one who wants to have my room from the end of October! Contact me!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dr Murks is in trouble with The Supposing

The Supposing is so common. Amazingly.

Instead of asking somebody: "What do you think about this?", you ask: "Do you think like that?" and not accepting "no" as an answer. Sometimes even not hearing "no" as an answer. Just continuing the "bla-bla-bla"

The Supposing is specially common on the School reunions. You do not know the people so well anymore, you have some memories and you automatically Suppose that these people are the same, think the same, and you yourself start to play that you are the same. People become the ghosts - you just think you know who they are.

It is really big difference if you ask: "Where were you?" instead: "Where you there?"

Dr Murks hates The Supposing. Urrr! Do not Suppose!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr Murks is walking in the leaves

The leaves are yellow, the leaves are red, the leaves are green, the leaves are brown...

The leaves are still hanging on the trees, the leaves are already fallen down to the streets, to he paths, to the river.

Dr Murks goes out from the house and walks by the river. The sunshine is warming the nose and drawing small dots on it. Dr Murks is not lifting the foot high, Dr Murks lets the foot to go through the leaves on the path. Dr Murks runs the course and listens the scrabble of leaves. Dr Murks is humming the song by FreshlyGround: "I believe in human angels, they walk barefoot and wear funny hats /.../ Everyone is a human angel... although we don't all go for bare feet and the funny hats we were made from golden sunshine"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dr Murks wants to create happy things

Dr Murks is trying to write... Write knowingly what - an article. Brrrr, how can it be so difficult!!?? Impossible. Seems there is nothing happy in a scientific article. Nothing to start laugh about. Nothing at all..
A new and interesting information that is not even new to a writer and gets the readers think critically about the content - was it properly examined, is it finely argued etc.

It is much more fun to write poems, draw a picture, knit a sweater, build a statue, collect red and yellow maple leaves, help to sell sheep skins on a fair, organize a car free day..

These make to feel good. To feel happy about. To laugh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr Murks is improving

Dr Murks got the "new" flatmate (since March 2008!!) to clean his room for the first time! Maybe he even used the vacuum cleaner the first time in his life :) as he was kind of weirdly interested in it. This vacuum cleaner for the first time for sure.

Less smell in the flat now. The next step would be to get him to wash the floor and maybe the cloths - never used the washing machine here :S.

But the best part is that Dr Murks was not mean at all.. Not even sarcastic. Nice and smiley instead. After cleaning own room and the kitchen and the lobby Dr Murks just asked: "Do you also want to use the vacuum cleaner or I but it away?" And there he was... afraid to say no?? :)

Dr Murks is mean

Is it a period of life; or has Dr Murks always been like that and never noticed before; or has Dr Murks changed into (and never can return or make a difference) a mean sarcastic creature?

The symptoms:
- Dr Murks is constantly dreaming up sarcastic or insulting or just mean phrases or sentences or situations to make a use of on a proper moment. Mostly friends or acquaintances are in focus.
- Dr Murks does not know how to stop the first symptom.
- Dr Murks does not know how to apologize and is the apologize even needed :S

A messup.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dr Murks has the day of Gentle Men

How can something be so concentrated into one day? At least three... but Dr Murks can consider even more men, who have been so cool and helpful and fun today that Dr Murks could just stare with the eyes wide as dinner plates. Feels like crabbing their heads and kissing it all over.
What would be the stereotypes of these men:
1. A language teacher who responds to Dr Murks (after Dr Murks has been nagging that: "...there was not possible to register for the course anymore and anyway Dr Murks could not fulfill the requirements for the class as Dr Murks can not make it to all of the seminars..." ): "You do not disturb me in the class and if you start to I will just tell it at the time. So far, you can just participate"
2. A guy that just happens to have a facility that Dr Murks needs for practicing one of the skills Dr Murks wants to learn during this school-year. And even when he has never seen Dr Murks before and probable newer even heard that Dr Murks exists. But he is so willing to lend the facility just for a promise that Dr Murks will lean to use it. Great!
Yepikayee, yepikayee!
3. A guy who steps by when Dr Murks is trying to carry quite heavy and long thing by bike to home and can not make it and makes a stop to think up better system to carry it. He steps by with his rubber band from his own bike and quickly attaches the stuff on Dr Murks bike. Uh, what a guy!
Yepikayee, yepikayee, yepikayee!
Can it go better?!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dr Murks has new plans

The school year has started. Pupils go to school. New cloths. New stuff. New friends. Dr Murks has to continue its old. Not many things become new. Dr Murks would not even like to have new stuff. No new cloths - better to get rid of olds. Maye some new friends would make a difference...
Dr Murks have some secret plans, secret plans to learn new things, new skills. But too early to say them out... Firstly needs to practice a little and see if they work out and are still fun after some first lessons...
News coming soon or a little later :P

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr Murks wants to have the control

- over the old Zaparozets the Father uses to travel around. It is jumping on the road and the breaks does not break. The Father is used to drive it but still it feels scary in there! When he is driving or when Dr Murks is driving. Feels like jumping to the woods or to the air.

At the same time. Traveling withe the Zaparozets, the Mother and the Father to the places where we have used to go every summer, brings so many memories and it feels like small child again. Besides, now Dr Murks can also sit in the wheeling seat when the car is moving :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dr Murks has questions

1. Should Dr Murks take up activities that Dr Murks is not really professional with? Or should Dr Murks fear to fail and leave it?
2. Should Dr Murks tell the people what Dr Murks thinks even if Dr Murks knows that the people will be really offended by this? Or should Dr Murks be silent and lead the conversation to other topics?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr Murks is sick in the Summer

Dr Murks got cold in the evening in the garden drinking vine and chatting. Dr Murks got sunstroke on a sunny day during the Hansa fair. First, sick. Then ill, sneezing all over. What a nice way to spend the best days in summer.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dr Murks is a Sleepy Squirrel

Dr Murks went to sleep at 11.30pm and woke up at 3.30pm. The friends who wanted to have a day-trip by the Lake Peipsi were just tying their shoestrings to go out and where a bit surprised but happy to see Dr Murks. "We thought you never wake up. Emptied your fridge and played bridge the whole day waiting you to wake. Now decided to go for a walk as we got hungry and there is nothing to eat in the house anymore. You were sleeping as a squirrel."


Dr Murks woke up at 7.30pm and was confused. Was it a dream...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dr Murks looks for rhubarb

Dr Murks woke up. First at 9, as the dreams are so sweet, at 10 and as the waking-radio stops playing and the dreams does not leave... at 12. Sleeping is good. There is nothing more important to skip sleeping. But, it is Sunday and Dr Murks has planned to make some work. There is, in fact quite much work to do, but who has the patience. Dr Murks does not. There are always some alternatives to spend a nice Sunday. For example
1. Talk and drink coffee with flatmate and her visiting mother. 1h spent.
2. Decide to make a cake to a flatmate who had birthday a week ago and finally returns this evening from his trip to Scotland.
a) Find a proper recipe. 15min spent.
b) Go shopping. Not only for the cake but for other foodstuff. 1h spent.
c) Think up where to find the rhubarb for the cake. 15min for calling to different friends having gardens and maybe rhubarb growing there.. As all without rhubarb, going walking to the Soup Town to find some persons in the possible rhubarb-having-gardens. Yee-yeee! FOUND!! including a nice old man and his talkative grand tougher! but 30min spent.
d) baking the cake. Another 1h, going to buy some icecream for the cake, 30 min.
e) talking to home-reached flatmates and the mother, eating supper, eating cake, drinking vine, 2h spent.
3. Enjoying the sunset on the roof-balcony. 30min spent (short time because it is cold outside and a little creepy as the roof is high and a bit creepy)
And the work can wait till the Monday comes. Dr Murks to sleep...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dr Murks and dark nights

The nights are dark here... at 11.05PM a view towards the city center.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dr Murks gets rid of old things

Where to take the old cloths that are outworn? Sell them on the flea market? The flea markets take place too seldom and the cloths look too eroded :) to anybody to buy them again.
- Ring-ring!
- Dog Pound
- Would you care for some old cloths for dogs to but under or over?
- Hmmm, only the cotton and wool ones that can be made into vests for dogs been on the surgery.
- Great! Will bring you a huge bag.
- Good. See you !

Where to take the old bike that looks really stylish but never gets the good run? To the flea market? Yees-yees, there it went.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dr Murks is enjoying the music

The birds are singing! The nightingales are singing in the parks, on the bushes, by the river behind the windows. No time to sleep. The bird are singing and Dr Murks is staying up sitting on the window till the nightingales finish their concert to give an overwhelmed applause. One-more-time! One-more-time!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dr Murks is an interior decorator

Ask as many times as you like... In the end Dr Murks decorated the workplace by own. Only the good smell is missing - the cheap materials - the room is renovated with - smell like hell. Any ideas where to get better aura?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr Murks discovered the Milk Round

A couple from Valgamaa, from the South province is coming every Tuesday, every Friday to the town to sell their barn products. Milk, cottage cheese and eggs. They stop for 10 minutes by the street and local informed community is gathering around.
- Hello, hello! Glad I made it!
- How is it going here?
- Please today 3 liters for me. I am a milk calf!
- Can I please have a half a kilo cottage cheese as well. Would like to taste yours.
- Hello Henri! Hello Leila!
- How is the bread proofing? I have not had a time to bake any in several weeks.
- Mine is quite fine. If you come to visit me tomorrow evening you can taste the last bite.
- Why not! And I will bring fresh swiss roll out of these eggs I bought here.
- Good! See us tomorrow evening!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dr Murks is listening

People are talking and talking and talking. Dr Murks is asking questions. Everybody likes to talk about themselves. Showing pictures of their doings. Discussing about their lives. Talking, talking, talking. Even if they are not talking about real things. What they really are interested in. They still talk, talk about themselves, about something. Who they are. What they are. Why they are. And Dr Murks is asking questions and showing sympathy. Is interested in every piece. Swallowing everything the people bring out. Ou, really interesting! What if you look it from this perspective?! Ou, you have already done it and reached this conclusion! What a marvelous idea!
Dr Murks is superficial. Dr Murks lets everybody talk. Newer takes the word to say anything in any different topic. Why? People want to talk. They like to talk about themselves. About their miserable lives. But Dr Murks is yawning inside. Maybe Dr Murks would also like to talk about his miserable life. Nobody asks and Dr Murks keeps silent. Only listens.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dr Murks is cleaning windows

The rain is washing the town every day for half an hour. Before and after the sun is shining intensely and drying everything, adding the smells of nutritions, growth, maturity... The view form the window of Dr Murks down to the Soup Town becomes fresher and greener every day, every moment.
Dr Murks is washing the window. Washing away the dirt and stupidity, the problems and anxieties. To get the clear view. To see the outer world as it is, not as it is constructed in Dr Murks' head.
Waving to the neighbors who are grilling sausages and meet in the garden and looking with a fear in their face how Dr Murks is leaning out from the high standing window to reach the last corners of the class.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dr Murks is hunted by numbers

Many days already - 6401, six-four-zero-one, seis-cuatro-cero-uno, 6401, 6401... Coming to the dreams, jumping around on the streets, in the computer at work, in the grass in the parks, in the sand of the beach etc, etc. 6401, six-four-zero-one, seis-cuatro-cero-uno, 6401, 6401...
What numbers are those? Why do they not let go? Hunting and hunting, not letting go....
Finally Dr Murks opened the google and type "Dr Murks 6401". What to discover, what to remind and remember... It was the 7 years old combination of an old network Dr Murks used to belong. They want Dr Murks back! They want Dr Murks to start again!
And on Tuesday evening Dr Murks did. Dr Murks went to the meeting place, got familiar with the new innovated systems and did it. Did it again after 7 years!
Uh, it felt as a young elk had released to the nature again. Jumping over the small sods, enjoying the evening sun, the smell of fresh springy forest... Oh, what a wasted 7 years Dr Murks had spent without it! Never again!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dr Murks is meeting people

Sometimes it seems that there are no more new people here in town to get acquaintance with. All the people are familiar. Every time to go somewhere Dr Murks has to take double time because there are always some people to stop and talk to on the way. Only bike helps - then Dr Murks can just wave, quickly pass and go on. Often Dr Murks has difficulties to be on time because just can not pass the nice people and say at least "Ahoi!"
Still, last weekends Dr Murks made some new discoveries.
Dr Murks is going to The Clean Estonia 2008 event with 6 others that Dr Murks newer seen, never heard before. Gathering rubbish from the bushes by the roads... Tons of it. Talking to these 6 and other cleaners. There are people, nice people from the town Dr murks did not have a clue.
People coming to talk on the streets. Just like being on a travel. Old homeless a-social man is coming and telling Dr Murks of his life: killed 2, robbed, spent 18 years in prison, learned about astronomy. Showing how the Earth has seasons with a cheap aftershave bottle that he for sure is using for drinking.
People coming to talk in a bar. Sunday evening in a bar. Dr Murks and The Sister as the only girls. A group of good friends asking to join, buying vine. Talking of their life, of their friendship, of...
New people, indeed. More, more, more people.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dr Murks knows the boss

A finding from the streets of Tartu during the Night Ride. The dog looks really cute compared to the other warning sign...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dr Murks sees fathers and sons

Amazing, how many fathers and sons there are in town. Recently the concentration has gone extremely high. Walking on the town hall square, in the beach, on Jänese walking path, in the banks etc. Where are the mothers? According to one father: "She is making the last exams for her master degree". Maybe all of them? All mothers are studying in the library? According to other father: "She is at work. We are going to the market to by some foodstuff and then to the childrens' play group". Mothers are working, fathers are having the quality time with children.
On Sunday Dr Murks is going to the theater. The premiere of the play "Our father" About the relationships between fathers and sons... And Sveta is the video-queen!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr Murks is advertising...

...The Soup Town Days on the next weekend:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dr Murks has lost the reality

Listening a radio broadcast on surrealism. Seems like they are describing the weekend of Dr Murks. It started already on Friday morning when Dr Murks woke up because Dr Murks was crying in the dream. It really felt physical.. that there is not enough ear to breath and the tears were like falling from the eyes. But when finally awake the cheeks were dry. Brrrr! The dream was something similar to a film "Rwanda Hotel" that Dr Murks was watching already many weeks ago.. But the two days following have also been as in a dream, as doing everything in fume or in cotton wool. Hart to make a difference what has been real or made up in the backsides of Dr Murks mind.
For example a small accident with a bike - Dr Murks riding fast down the Vanemuise hill, a car from the parking place does not see it and turns on the way. Dr Murks almost can break but still hits the first part of the car, gets a hit to the ribs and loses a breath for a moment. When Dr Murks is coming out of the car the driver is starting complain about nothing - even not a scratch on the car and the mirror can be easily bended back. Soon there is also a woman from the street who is coming and accusing them both for not being careful enough. But the life is going on and Dr Murks can breath again and sends some displeased words toward the driver who is driving away already, looks that the bike is fine and rides on with a bit shaky legs. The reality is only in a bit hurting ribs...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dr Murks does not know the answer, again

And if Dr Murks offered to send an old laptop, that was not for sure the brightest idea as he was clearly asking for money, then:

Dear M,

Thank you for the help offered. as explain it is completely i think it would not be good to waste money an send that because .it would not help me. i am struggling to raise some money so that i can buy one. But if know that the laptop will help me then send it.

I want to study to higher hight.

If you have any way you can help me please do not hesitate.

Hope to read from you tomorrow

regards to all.


Dr Murks does not know the answer

Buh! Really stupid is this difference of wealth in the world. This so called First, Second and Third World thing. Seems the Second has almost gone for now - at least Estonia is also a part of the First. Developing World, Developed World (hate these terms!) And although Dr Murks does not consider self as rich, there is almost nothing to do - Dr Murks is rich. Even if Dr Murks does not have the means on own hands there is always possibility to rise enough money to get fancy things, travel to fancy places, do fancy activities - it does not take much. Even if they say that the State budget is in minuses - it does not matter. See it! WE ARE RICH!
But now. What to do? What to answer when sb writes you a letter like this:

Hearty Greetings!

Life is not easy here. Things are extreme hard with me. We are battling to survive.I am struggling get a laptop so that i can carryout some studies from the internet. With this Laptop materials will be downloaded from the internet and study in the house.I want to know more about Political science.With the hardship my chances of going through this project is slim.

Please i will welcome any advice from you on how i can improve my situation.

Hope to hear from you.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dr Murks plays hide-nd-seek with coffee

Dr Murks has new coffee can. But the water to the downer container, the coffee powder to the middle and screw the upper container on. But the can to the heating place. Soon the empty container will star fulfilling with excellent brown liquid that tastes perfect! So, every time Dr Murks makes coffee there is a new surprise!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr Murks looks for nutcrackers

Dr Murks went to Pärnu and Pootsi. The roots are there. There was a birth anniversary of the Grandfather. Dr Murks never knew him, never met him, he was dead already long before Dr Murks was born. Dr Murks only knows the stone in the cemetery. They went there to make it clean and bring flowers after having a huge dinner and night long UNO-cards play the last night. And also to visit some relatives living in a coastal village in Pootsi. As always, village people want to give you all the products they grow.. There are always some leftovers :). Now Dr Murks could eat onion-soup for the rest of spring and if there could be any nutcrackers in the house Dr Murks could also eat nuts till engorged.
Some pictures here of the farmhouse and people:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dr Murks is brushing hair

Dr Murks never thought much of the hair that grows out from the head. Just something that can be cut, helps to design different images, make braids, but some decorations in and so on. Dr Murks has been almost bold twice in life. This just brought the understanding that having hairs is important and without the hair it feels like something is missing. When Dr Murks was younger the Father used to cut Dr Murks' hair quite short, sometimes using a bot or bawl. He had the idea that short hair in childhood makes hair thick, strong and beautiful for laterhoods. Do not really agree...
But for now, Dr Murks has reached the maximum of the hair length ever had before - about 45cm. Recently Dr Murks fond something special and weird with the hair... The hair has bower. The hair has strength and stoutness, electricity. And the hair transfers it while brushing them. Ururururrr. If brushing long enough the hair starts sparkling...

Dr Murks met Mr Spring

One night Dr Murks was walking through the city to home. Mr Spring was working on the town hall square: And later, next morning, his daughters were dancing in the gardens:
Mr Spring smells good...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dr Murks at Osterfest

-The Roof
- The "eggs" found from pots, shelves, coffeepot...
- Opening the painted eggs
- Nice and a bit different colors from red onion peelings, couscous, string, tea...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr Murks lives in winter wonderland

There is 40cm of snow in the ground, 40cm of snow! If one cm would melt from the ground there would be 39cm of snow!
As old Estonians say: "the winter woun't stay in the sky!" So it came down now! on 25th of March! Abnormal! Foto:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dr Murks does not have a man in the house

Taavi is gone. Went away. To the other side of the world - as far as one can go.
Now Tsipe and Dr Murks are heating the flat but it does not get warm. No warmth at all here. Brrrrrrr! Burn as many woods as you can but the rooms are still cold. Two girls are two girls are two girls. The rose is rose is rose. Even the weather went colder in The Soup Town when Taavi left. Suddenly in the middle of the blooming Galanthuses some snow lied to rest. The starting spring is gone.
But from the bright side..
Already waiting for the time when he comes back and brings smell of sunshine, some good ocean shrimps, lobsters and fish from the Southern waters as he normally brought marine-food from the Eastern Islands.
And soon we will share a flat with a guy from South province of Estonia. Already promised to provide us with honey and jam in the case Dr Murks is willing to make pancakes. Sounds like: "What you think of the plan, when we share a common pan: you can bake the pancakes, I can eat them all" Hmmm, will see who will be the cake-baker...
But till Mr Kait moves in, Tsipe and Dr Murks are destroying all the alcohol in the house to get some warmth. Easy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dr Murks is connected

Dr Murks is calling. Dr Murks calls to a village named Thredbo. Situated in Australia. Dr Murks talks to Tiiu who is currently ended her workday in a restaurant and now at home with friends making carrot cocktails.
Dr Murks is writing an sms. An sms to a phone in Istambul. Iris, Ann and Taavi are there and stating their trip to the East. Also to Australia. Australia is so near.
Dr Murks is receiving an e-mail. An e-mail from an old friend who is working in Sydney. Soon-soon starting to study in an university there.
Dr Murks is making another call. A call to Buea. A small town situated on the roots of Cameroon mountain. Dr Murks talks to Leslie who has not gone out of home for 5 days. There are harsh days in Cameroon these days. Riots on the streets against Paul Biya who is being the most corrupted president of the whole world alreday 25 years now. Fuel and food prices are risen and the president wants to rule another 7 years period. At least Leslie sounds fine and talks happily of his plans to study and get married not before 10 years from now.
Dr Murks gets another e-mail. From Yaounde. Mr Edmond Che gives a n overview of his recent days. An accident with moto - fortunately all is recovering quickly. The days are harsh but still livable.
Dr Murks gets a "pip" from Marcelin, from hot Garua. And makes a "pip" back.
Dr Murks gets an e-mail with a recipe of Arroz Moro from Pinar Del Rio from Liz. With tasty greetings. Mmmmmm.
Dr Murks gets an e-mail from San Francisco. From the most faderly man Dr Murks can think of - Mr Fred. Heyhoo, Fred!
Dr Murks goes for the Easter weekend to Berlin. Just like this. Just for 3 days. Not thinking about all this exhaust the plane gives out... But planning to see Tea, Simone, Vivian and Sepp.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr Murks is under surveillance

Anybody can see whee Dr Murks is hanging around and read the messages send by Dr Murks just on-line in the web. Dr Murks is under surveillance. Just to get the feeling - does it feel uncomfortable, funny, terrible...?
Look yourself: Dr Murks from 10th to 14th of March 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dr Murks is making friends with red tape

Organizing a workshop is not a joke. Every day make at least 2 calls to accountants and ask: how? why? which papers? which financial source? when? where? how big percent?
In the end it becomes clearer. There is a system! But the system is terrible...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dr Murks is the big mama

How are you? What have you been doing? Have you had some fun? Have you had enough fun? Have you eaten enough? Are you hungry? Would you care for some caffee or tea? Do you want me to make you some soup? Do you know where do you sleep the next week? How are you fellows? How is your family? What is your father doing? Is he feeling well? What have you being thinking lately? Have you already arranged your transportation from A to B? At what time will you be in B? Do you need any help concerned to...? Are you cold? Can I bring you a cardigan? Do you want me to play with you? Is it fine with you, if I call you when I see any Galanthus anywhere?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The citation of the day

Veel ilusama elu saate, kui progete automaadi, mis teile iga 47 minuti tagant saadab lillelise kirja tekstiga "kõik on suurepärane". Kõik muud kirjad keelake ära (TO).
You get even better life, if you program an automate that sends you a flowery e-mail with a note "Everything is marvelous!" in every 47 minutes. All the other mail just prohibit (TO).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dr Murks is drinking people

Hmmm, one has tastes of currants, dried red fruits; not overly fruity, but showing well. Nice structure with good legs and a nice, but not overly long finish. You can sit with it and talk with it and all over is a smooth melody that keeps the mood constantly high.
One has the taste of cold beer after long day outdoors and finally spent some time in high-heated vapor sauna. You feel like never met something so refreshing and right on its correct place.
One has the taste of mojito on sandy-windy beach with balm trees and salty water. You taste it and taste it and suddenly you have so much energy that you could take up whatever. You talk till your mouth can not move. You fulfill all the crazy ideas. And later when you think about all what happened you feel it is too improbable to be true as if you were thinking it all up.
One has the taste of bad vodka that you get the hangover strait after drunken one sip. Takes time to get back the balance of normal life. These drinks should be at least forbidden to sell after 11PM in the evening. Better if they would be considered as poisonous.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dr Murks dances after fire-music

The fire in the kitchen range is making music. The wood is singing songs of warmth and comfortableness. The river is almost under the ice and the snow is covering the land. It is winter again. The marathon was canceled but it feels like skying at last. The sun is cold. When Dr Murks goes outdoors to but the laundry out and forgets the cloves it takes some time to get the fingers moving later.
Somehow the senses are really active recently, small details are important. Melodies, brief contacts, glances, smiles, smells...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dr Murks knows different men

1. The ones that are talkative only in big crowds. They are seemingly talking to Dr Mukrs but say everything so loud that everyone in the room can hear. They do not expect that D Murks will reply anything but thinks: "wow, what an ideas!" They are lecturers that rule over the topics that are being discussed. They sometimes do not notice how boring the topic is for Dr Murks. And even if they do, they do not mind as they are anyway having larger audiences - somebody will get the "brightness" of the monologue.
2. The ones that are concerned over every bodies participation in the conversation and when the topic is becoming too specific for all to have the interest, they say: "Let's change now the topic that Dr Murks can also participate" Mmmmm. It really feels much better to be noticed in the group :)
3. The ones who remember even Dr Murks old jokes and still laugh at them, although it takes Dr Murks some time to remind the situation. They pass Dr Murks house on their evening walk and come to chop some wood sticks just to see somehow famous Axe in the woodshed. Eheh.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr Murks is dancing on the books

Somehow books are recently too important things. Dr Murks has spent much money on them during last month. Half a salary? Just some days ago Dr Murks got almost 600EUR from Doctoral School to buy more books. Books, books, books. But reading is so good! Only thing that the legs and the bottom are getting so bored just sitting and reading. That is why Dr Murks is dancing and reading, walking and reading, standing on one leg and reading, making yoga exercises and reading... Reading, reading, reading. Hopefully the doctoral exam will be done in spring.
Besides, a beer smells, tastes and makes really good feeling after a month without! Mmmmm. And Mr Lukk will take Dr Murks to a restaurant, because he admitted that he took a shot already in the beginning of the month. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dr Murks dances winter into spring

Last Thursday. The weather was great - big heavy snowflakes fell down from the sky. Dr Murks was walking to the salsa training and was looking soon looking like a snowman. So were all the other people on the streets: Smiling happily, carrying coal- eyes, -buttons, billycan-hats and carrots instead of nose. What a beautiful crowd!
Dr Murks went to dance. First to salsa-training and then to a dance-party organized by Old-Fat-Geographers. The party was great! The party was good! The party was super! Dr Murks did not drink a bit of alcohol due to the bet still valid till the end of January. But it was even better. You do all the crazy dancing and talking as you would do when you are drunk but you see it all clearly, remember it clearly and does not have an hangover in the morning :).
But when.. but when... But when Dr Murks was finally going home the snow was melted, the snowmen were melted. Streets were empty and wet. The spring was again winning the fight with the winter. And it supposed to be January.... Bad, bad, bad El Nino!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dr Murks is making tadelakt

The year has started. Time for new beginnings, new challenges. Normally Dr Murks does not take 1st of January as a new start but this year many new plans are pumping up since the year started. What are these...
A January without an alcohol. This is a 1st of January bet with Mr Lukk. Knowingly, why this date :). Almost half a time has gone already, not too bad time. Two discoveries - alco-free beer tastes like a water from boiled mushrooms (wak!) and without an alco it is harder to stay up till the morning at the party :).
A promise to visit Germany during the year... Somehow the country seems so far at the moment, but the time will come to go there.
To take a cat. This is really a new-year-foretell by Mdm Kusta. But it is not as easy as it seems - a cat needs a home and a home needs a family. Will see :).
Learning some "tacit knowledge". This is really only a sightly related to a new year because the handy-skills are always interesting to get to know. But as a possibilities have taken place just now. Dr Murks is learning how to make tadelakt. And not just a small pot or a exercise-wall but really a real, usable bathroom for somebody who should be crazy in letting Dr Murks and Mdm Tea practicing something they both to not know much about. At least Mdm Tea has a little more knowledge... At least it seems :).
And all the other plans, ideas that maybe newer come true. Will see, at least the year will be interesting. Maybe.