Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dr Murks is listening voices

A music box is playing in the corner. The headphones are on. Mr Seal is calling from the kitchen.
One plays music: "que te caliente el sol"
One plays interviews made in autumn. Dr Murks does not recognize his own voice. It seems that was the sister of Dr Murks who made the talking - sounds so different from the voice Dr Murks normally has in his head. The situations are coming back in mind and Dr Murks is silently laughing at the jokes on tape and smiling to the people who made these days.
One calls from the kitchen: "Murks, would you care for boiled, fried or baked fish?"

Dr Murks makes deductions

... because somebody told that the Earth's oscillation frequency is changing.

+ the mind is specially in confusion
+ all the friends should wear 24h position system and maybe a small web camera that the others could always know where they are and how they feel
+ it is specially good to eat food that somebody else has been cooking
+ it is good to share a flat with other people - just to hear them dealing with their everyday hobbies
+ talking, talking, talking, talking, talking is good
+ making jokes is good, laughing is good, crying is good
+ when red trousers and white blouse is but together to the washing machine the blouse will become pink
+ physical contact is good
+ physical activity is good
+ Cuban son is a great music
+ drinking, drinking, drinking together with friends is good

Still, one thing confuses..
Are the soul and the body different things? Can they be separated if one gets enough? Why?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dr Murk is homesick

Dr Murks is back. Not back to home, as a good friend was philosophizing, because there is really hard to say where is the home for Dr Murks. By the homesickness, Dr Murks sometimes feels, it could be in Siberian taiga, on the tip of the mountain Roman-Kosh, on the streets of Rome (looking for a bit of drinking water and buying a huge ice-cream instead), in a normal taxi from Bamenda to Santa with 4 people on front seat and 5 in the back, 12m underwater celebrating Hannamaranhanna's birthday, looking the lightning in Turda canyon... The list is long. Dr Murks is back but not at home. Somewhere..