Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Murks learns to make compliments

Did not know that it can be so difficult to say nice things to people. Even more difficult is to hear them about yourself. Why is it so?

Maybe because...
1. the father of Princess Murks never had said: "Good morning, my beautiful daughter".
2. in the most fairy tales Princess Murks heard in the childhood the beautiful princesses were always "pretty but dull".
3. nice words sound ironic. They can easily be said ironically.
4. there are not so many adjectives in Estonian language.
5. Princess Murks has used to show her positive attitude with a big smile. Do not know the words that can mean the same.
6. etc

Still a right compliment can make Princess Murks to feel as light as a bird lflying in the sunny sky. Wants to let the other people feel the same.


Lea said...

Have a good night sleep, my beautiful and amazingly smart sister!

Damn, it really sounded ironic. But wasnt ment that way.

Murks said...

Good day, my marvelous, sharp-minded, hmmhmhmmh (what more?) sister.

I do not even know what words could be used :S.