Monday, July 6, 2009

Princess Murks on the Singing Festival

For singing. Mostly for singing. Though it is an event for singing, listening, singing along, having a picnic, standing in the queue of ice-cream, beer, grill, sugar-wadding.., meeting (by accident cause no way to reach meeting-places on time) long-no-seen friends and relatives, feeling patriotic, feeling power of the 25 000 +++ people singing under the singing-arc, making waves in the huge crowd, feeling close with everyone in the crowed as the only way is to stay and sit, and move around side by side, and many more activities one can think of.
Princess Murks went for singing. Prepared for it for the whole year before the event. Almost every Sunday for 3 hours. Uh. But would climb under the singing arc even without being practicing for so long. Because the most important thing on the Singing Festival is the singing. It is not about performing the songs for the audience. It is not about performing the audience and being heard the comments later: "the tenor was not heard...", "the sopranos were singing 0,4 seconds too late", " I did not hear your singing as I was queuing for the toilet for 45 minutes"... Those kind of comments are fun but not at all the main reasons to go on the stage.
The Singing Festival is about singing. About putting your voice flowing according to the directors hand. About whispering in piano till the sound is braking. About scream in forte till the voice is gone. About hearing the song coming back from the hills of Lasnamäe. About feeling the closeness with all the other singers around you flowing with the same force. Feel the power of the singing that buts the crowd move and feel in the same rhythm. All together. All alone. Powerful shiver going through your bones and you know that everybody else feel the same.