Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emigrant Murks is trying to figure out

What is it?
Is it sadness? 
Is it fear? 
Is it relief? 
Emigrant Murks is longing to go already. Really?
To stay is not an option. And why to stay? Moving further is always better than staying. To reach somewhere, and then continue going. That is life.
Emigrant Murks does not want to say goodby. It does not feel like leaving. It does not feel like going away. In fact, there is no "place" to go away from. Everything that is important is mobile enough to come along. 
Some friends you have not seen anyway for several months although they live in the same town. It is not important to meet in "a place". The idea of a friend is moving along. 
Still, it is important to communicate. As well verbally as physically. To have people around to want to communicate with. Are they there too? Or is there just snow and trees and stones? And responsibilities to take care of other people, pets and things.
What is it then?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Emigrant Murks is preparing to go

It is October 2012. Is it the last month ever when Emigrant Murks lives in Estonia? Never say never but still... 
October is a nice month. The last month in the year that is colorful and sunny. Then comes dirt and, hopefully, snow. At least here, in Tartu. In Tavelsjö the snow will be already on the ground. Hopefully. In November when we will arrive there. Otherwise there will be dark.
There is still many things to prepare. Someone needs updated drivers license. Someone needs international passport. Need to go to notary to organize some paperwork. Need to see some people. Need to work till the kid has the play-mate here. Need to pack some stuff. Need to get rid of some stuff. Need to...