Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Princess Murks has the life in a chest of drawers

Princess Murks was constructing herself a bookshelf, thinking at the same time: "Life consists of drawers. Life is a chest of drawers."

The drawers are openable and closeable. Sometimes you need to use force to open or close them, sometimes they move smoothly, sometimes they do it without your effort.

There is difficult to count all of them. Sometimes you think you know all, but still find more and more drawers with different stuff in them that you had forgotten or never saw before.

All the drawers have some things in them. The things can be anything. Buildings, money, art work, emotions, people, places, knowledge... It can also be emptiness.
Every now and then you should clean the drawers. At least some of them. The ones that consists the things that can go easily bad. Otherwise they start stinking. Start rotting and can make the stuff in the other selves go bad as well. Or, worse, they can make the chest start putrefy. Jäk!

Every drawer is a working system, with its life circles, progress, development. The things can change their specialization, at the same time they always belong to the one body in the drawer. At the same time...

If you want to explain to a "thing" in one drawer that you also have other drawers and describe what things are in there, how they look like, what they do... It is impossible. Impossible to understand for the "thing" from drawer the 1st. Impossible even to find understandable words for explaining. And if the "thing" from drawer the 1st would by accident be put to a wrong drawer... what a mess would continue. Although, maybe in time the "thing" would get used to the life in this new drawer for him but still not believe that there could be many more.

At the same time. It is interesting to have many drawers. Get new ones, close some, open old ones. And it is interesting to discover the drawers of other people.

Picture: A fragment of "Espana", by Dali

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