Monday, March 2, 2009

Princess Murks shares the bed

Princess Murks has a bed. Princess Murks had not had a bed for 8 years since moving to Tartu. Always on the mattress on the floor. Sometimes even without the mattress, just the blanket and a sheet. But now, since Princess Murks moved to a new flat with a cold floor she also arranged herself a small bed to sleep on. The bed is wide but short. The mattress is hard. In this sense it does not feel like sleeping somewhere else, not on the floor. But there are surprising novelties related to the bed:
1. there is some space under the bed to keep things. Rucksacks, boxes, stuff with no everyday use can happily spend their time there.
2. the bed can be shared! What a fun! Princess Murks often does not need to sleep alone in the bed. There have been several bed-shearers. During the first month the number of bed-shearers was counted till 5. And, though Princess Murks also has some mattresses by now to let people sleep on the floor, YOU can still contact Princess Murks and book the night for bed-shearing!
What a fun to have a bed!

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