Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dr Murks has questions

1. Should Dr Murks take up activities that Dr Murks is not really professional with? Or should Dr Murks fear to fail and leave it?
2. Should Dr Murks tell the people what Dr Murks thinks even if Dr Murks knows that the people will be really offended by this? Or should Dr Murks be silent and lead the conversation to other topics?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dr Murks is sick in the Summer

Dr Murks got cold in the evening in the garden drinking vine and chatting. Dr Murks got sunstroke on a sunny day during the Hansa fair. First, sick. Then ill, sneezing all over. What a nice way to spend the best days in summer.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dr Murks is a Sleepy Squirrel

Dr Murks went to sleep at 11.30pm and woke up at 3.30pm. The friends who wanted to have a day-trip by the Lake Peipsi were just tying their shoestrings to go out and where a bit surprised but happy to see Dr Murks. "We thought you never wake up. Emptied your fridge and played bridge the whole day waiting you to wake. Now decided to go for a walk as we got hungry and there is nothing to eat in the house anymore. You were sleeping as a squirrel."


Dr Murks woke up at 7.30pm and was confused. Was it a dream...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dr Murks looks for rhubarb

Dr Murks woke up. First at 9, as the dreams are so sweet, at 10 and as the waking-radio stops playing and the dreams does not leave... at 12. Sleeping is good. There is nothing more important to skip sleeping. But, it is Sunday and Dr Murks has planned to make some work. There is, in fact quite much work to do, but who has the patience. Dr Murks does not. There are always some alternatives to spend a nice Sunday. For example
1. Talk and drink coffee with flatmate and her visiting mother. 1h spent.
2. Decide to make a cake to a flatmate who had birthday a week ago and finally returns this evening from his trip to Scotland.
a) Find a proper recipe. 15min spent.
b) Go shopping. Not only for the cake but for other foodstuff. 1h spent.
c) Think up where to find the rhubarb for the cake. 15min for calling to different friends having gardens and maybe rhubarb growing there.. As all without rhubarb, going walking to the Soup Town to find some persons in the possible rhubarb-having-gardens. Yee-yeee! FOUND!! including a nice old man and his talkative grand tougher! but 30min spent.
d) baking the cake. Another 1h, going to buy some icecream for the cake, 30 min.
e) talking to home-reached flatmates and the mother, eating supper, eating cake, drinking vine, 2h spent.
3. Enjoying the sunset on the roof-balcony. 30min spent (short time because it is cold outside and a little creepy as the roof is high and a bit creepy)
And the work can wait till the Monday comes. Dr Murks to sleep...