Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Murks is an eco-princess

Today during an anthropology-seminar Nigel Rapport told that an individual is a "flower", a personality that can bloom and has its capabilities, ways of expression, individuality. He also told that individual is a "family", it belongs to a group of people, having some things in common with every member of this community but there is nobody who would be exact copy of this person. And, individual is a "spectrum" consisting of common human-like characters... biological, emotional, etc.
But if...
individual is just a random outcome of the evolution. A part of the common ecosystem with flowers (not "flowers") and rats and elephants and birds and everything biological in the world, maybe even everything physical in the universe... Why to bother to map its characteristics? Why skipping the other parts of the system? Why should it have more importance than any other parts?

I want to find at least one person who calls her/himself anthropologist and is not humanist?