Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dr Murks sings Shallallallaaa!

And it is not an example of figurative language. Dr Murks was really singing "Shallallallaaa!" on a concert in the botanical gardens together with the other members from the Choir. "Beautiful, excellent, grandiose..." as the audience commented afterwards. Surprisingly it really felt so good to sing to all these people who specially game to listen US. There were not only birds and exotic plants. There were real people, real friends... Thank you all so much for coming! (Although some songs probable sounded in U-major - hmmm, in English sounds better J-major)... :) :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dr Murks sends old man to the West

An old man goes first time to the west. And during his life he has been traveling almost everywhere in former Soviet Countries. Hiking in the mountains, deserts... Skying over the hills and lakes, boating on the rivers. So fun to read the old diaries by the hiking-groups. Even Dr Murks remembers him coming home all over hairy and sunburned bringing weird stones and snail-shells, once he even brought us a scorpion that we kept long time in a 3 liter bin and Jaan was skilled caching living flies for it. In the end when the scorpion got dead we made a nice coffin for it out of matchbox. And once the man brought turtles from the desert. They lived in a special small fold in our garden but their destiny was not the brightest one - better not write it here. It really seems that the old man is to blame for Dr Murks interest in foreign countries, in places far away, in hiking, in nature, in...
The old man has always dreamed of going to the western countries. To see the difference of the nature, of culture, of places. But there have always been distractions on the way. His knees reminded the cold nights spent in a tent during his youth and did not let him make long walking trips anymore, specially on the mountains.. There was that and this and years went by. But tomorrow he will make it. He will make his first steps in central and western Europe. Hope he will bring some weird souvenirs as he is used to. This will be a surprise..
Have a nice trip, dear father! Take care of yourself!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dr Murks is smelling the Betulas

It is Pentecost today. In old Estonian tradition it is called Birch-day, people took young birches to their houses as we do now with spruce at Christmas. The day was full of joy and dance and swinging on huge swings in the center of the villages.
Dr Murks had forgotten the meaning of the day. But the birches reminded. They were just so strongly smelling by the path that one could not leave without noticing. Dr Murks did not want to break them and bring them home because the birches looked so bright, tender and at the same time powerful standing there. Just take some hanging branches with leaves into palm, but the nose in it and take a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Dr Murks could inhale it for hours. The smell is energetic, the smell is so bright, the smell is mmmmmmm

Monday, May 21, 2007

Dr Murks, videos, music and apples

On Friday Dr Murks went to Tartu Art School to see a friend mixing videos for the background of the music.. Or was the musician mixing for the back of videos? Anyway, the music was great and the visual art was even better, or was music better... or videos... or music... Dr Murks just can not decide.
The Art School is situated in Karlova. One of the best living districts in Tartu. Wooden houses and gardens. So, the walk afterwards in Karlova was like many carrots in the soup! So great! ...or was it music or the mixed videos... The apple trees were blooming like never before. The apple trees were blooming...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr Murks is moving the toes...

When the Sun comes out the Legs get impatient. They need to go out, need to move on the streets need to discover all the streets and paths and curves in or out of the town. For now they already know by heart the small track upstream by the river. Sometimes the Hands can hardly crab the keys before the Legs are already out from the door. In this case the Head is a bit upset because the door has a "snepper" lock that closes automatically. The Head forces the Legs to go behind the house and try the back-door - "Uh, luckily it was opened this time". Now the Hands find the keys and in additionally takes a book with. There are joggers, bikers, walkers, "stick-walkers", fishers on the track. Now there is also Dr Murks reading a book because the Legs to not need the Head anymore for leading the way.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dr Murks is whining

There is no worse occupation than bank tellers. They are always willing to smile you with their red lips, blink their long black eyelashes and play with their silicone nails on the table. Whenever one dares to ask a question or help with some bank transfers or services they just say with their dolly voice "Of course I can help you... But I see that you do not have a credit card. How come? You know that you can use credit card wherever! You can pay anywhere with credit card! You can do everything with it! What do you normally use then when you are traveling!? And maybe you would also want to have a phone service for your internet bank? You can call from anywhere free of charge and just tell your internet-bank codes and ask them to pay your bills. It is so easy then, you know. And I also see that you have your retirement account in another bank... Maybe you could like to transfer it to your Home-Bank where you have your account. It would be so much easier to check the amount of money you already have there. And.."
Urrrrr! Dr Murks just needs to solve this small problem with the transfer and no new services! Why more new services when even bank teller can not give the service and help with this small misunderstanding with bank account number! Besides, one can NOT pay everywhere with credit card. There is no need to call free of chards to some stranger and tell the bank details - can call to some friends by net if needed! And why to care about the amount of money one can not use before 40 years? Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Good day for you as well!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dr Murks pulls Mdm Rain's leg

...or was it vice a versa? It was totally raining today. Dr Murks was attending die Deutschestunde and there Mdm Rain was dancing on the roof so loud that we needed to scream in the end of the lesson to hear each other. After lecture Dr Murks had to comfort the Bike that had to bare the dance steps of Mdm Rain on its saddle whole this long time... Now Dr Murks and the Bike were together and they started the fight against the crazy rain-dance, the variety of puddles and the huge number of cars on the way from work to home. Mdm Rain continued the dance at the back. The cars were carefully making the way for Dr Murks and the Bike (they saw themselves as losers in this struggle - there is no special way for bikes and the two mads were confidently using the car-roads). The most difficult was to fight against water-puddles as they totally covered the holes and small slopes in the asphalt, so that the Bike had to make sometimes curves even to the wrong side of the road. Finally at home, finally at dry, the Bike drips in the staircase, the hair fells into towel, the trousers and jacket are hanging on the string. Dr Murks drinks hot tea and looks out of the window, reads a newspaper and listens Mdm Rain's ongoing dance-steps on the roof.