Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Princess Murks is on the Asphalt

The Asphalt starts from somewhere. Nobody really knows from where. Has anybody seen the beginning of it? It just jumps out and is there when you need to get going. The Asphalt seems endless, it seems to expand every day, every hour, every minute... Has anybody seen the end of it? Princess Murks went on the Asphalt to see it, to feel it, to get to know it, to get friends with it, to discover its secrets.
The Asphalt is always on the move, it has different faces, different moods. Sometimes it is soft and nice, makes lazy curves, plays with the landscape, goes by the lakes, rolls over the hills, jumps over the small and bigger streams, axes its way through thick fores. The Asphalt makes you a guided tour by bringing out romantic scenery, the most beautiful walleyes and hills, small villages and mansions by the sides. Urrrrr.
Sometimes the Asphalt is curious, risky, extreme. It tries to go everywhere, look behind every corner, get over any obstacle. The sea can not stop it - the Asphalt uses the best examples of engineering and flies over bridges. The mountains can not stop it - it digs the tunnels thought them and flows through. The steep slope can not stop it - the Asphalt makes sharp zig-zac and is up or down again. Even the chasms can not stop it - the Asphalt cuts the step into the hard rock and goes again. It can go to every impossible palce. With this behaviour it makes you feel awed and humble.
The Asphalt has contradictory characters. The asphalt can be fast and slow; it can be strate and curvy; it can be soft and sharp by many small stones; it can be warm, it can be hot, but never freezingly cold; it can be noisy and silent, it can be wet and dry; it can be full of holes and smooth; it can be colorful and booringly grey...
The asphalt has variety of smells, that are surprising and cheerful. The smell of the strong cheese, the sea, the sweat, the grass, the raps, the flowers, the hay, the dog, the gas, the smell-spruce, the coffee, the chocolate, the watermelon, the birch trees after the rain, the sunscream, the icecream, mmmmmm.
Where does the Asphalt lead? To Rome? :)

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