Monday, January 25, 2010

Princess Murks is battlefield for estrogen and progesterone

Uh. A human being is a biological compound. There are many interesting chemical, physical, etc processes going on in the body. So interesting. specially interesting is the way they effect your thoughts, your mind, your behavior.
Princess Murks is making observations with herself. Measuring her body temperature every morning. They say it shows the balance of the estrogen and progesterone in the body: which of the hormone is dominating. Approximately it should be that two weeks are for estrogen and then, the next two, for progesterone. It may vary for different reasons. Anyway, when the morning temperature is lower then the estrogen is ruling, when the morning temperature rises the progesterone takes over, and again, and again... They defeat each other in approximately every two weeks. Uh, what a battle!
Princess Murks has been writing a reaction paper to the situation:
Well. The feelings are diverse. In general, I am against any kind of war and battles but in this situation when the sequence is relatively equal and well-known then the little struggle makes the life actually more interesting and eventful. And, at the same time, the variation makes changes also in the other spheres - the activities, the thoughts the feelings, etc.
For example, when I feel the urgent need to make sports, go out and run to the end of the world, as well as make new perfect plans for my life, have many ideal ideas, solutions to every problem, as well as feel energetic and full of confidence and power etc.. this means tomorrow the estrogen will have been defeated the Other. And then I have much energy, can accomplish enormous amount of things but also want ot sleep a lot and deeply.
And, the other... when progesterone has the lead. Mostly no energy, have to force myself to do something besides nothing. Can go out with people who are not my close friends and not really care about being happy and cheerful with them. Just nod and maybe laugh a bit when the joke was really funny. Do not care about being nice. Do not care about what the future brings. Just floating with the stream or just hiding in my bubble.
Quite the opposite sides of myself! Fantastic! Just supporting the winning team...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess Murks is traveling in dreams

Princess Murks is traveling. Not a big news. even the blog here is a travel-log as everyone can read from the title. But still sometimes it is surprising. Surprising even for Princess Murks. Few examples:
1. Princess Murks is seemingly living in one place already for one week but every night when she goes to sleep she starts traveling. The trips are so clear. Meeting friends. Doing fun things with them - oaring a boat, skiing, having a beer in a bar, going to a cinema... Having conversations. Princess Murks feels tired and confused in the morning. Where am I now? it is hard to wake up. Needs a special effort to call back her soul to the body. Normally it takes even few hours to wake up. To come back...
2. Somebody asks Princess Murks: "So, are you the only one from your family who is living abroad?" Eh? What? Living abroad? No, Princess Murks is not living abroad. Princess Murks is just traveling. Or living? Or traveling? Or living? Is there really a big difference? Princess Murks can answer: "Yes, the others form my family are traveling at home" :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Princess Murks is handicapped

Annoying. Annoying to be handicapped. The pitying of other people is the worse - it reminds It and then Princess Murks can not have normal time or normal conversation with these people anymore.
"Look what she has!", "Look what you have!" When they say like that then Princess Murks feels that This Thing is even growing bigger and it is impossible to hide It. And those people who make the comments will not see behind It, they can only see the weirdness, the abnormality, the handicapped. Princess Murks starts blushing, wants to hide, be in another place, fade away. Uuuh!
And what is so special about it? People should be polite enough to not mention it when they see it. Everybody knows that it is impolite to make comment about somebodies' wooden leg or chopped fingers, even chicken breasts should be left out of conversation. Hardly ever people mention the big ass or fat thighs of Princess Murks but they mention This...
And what can Princess Murks do? Princess Murks can hide It sometimes for short while but then It has to be there, on Its' place again. Let It be. Let It just be there and let it not to make a trouble for anybody. Let Princess Murks have her Big Smile.