Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Princess Murks is in axiom

Somehow there is a certainty. Impossible to doubt. Axiom that does not need to be proved. Two parallel lines never intersect. If they did, they would not be parallel - it is said in the definition.
Still strange. How can something be so sure that there is no reason to doubt? Maybe if you walk enough long time along the parallels than on one moment they still converge... But does it happen? When it would happen? How long time it takes to walk so far? Do you want to come back if you reach there? Would it be possible to come back from there? ? ? ? ? ?

In fact, the parallels are not even alike. They look extremely different. They are still parallel. Even if the characteristics seem opposite. One is colorful, the other is black-n-white; one is hippie, the other is materialist; one is naturalist, the other is city-person; one needs change, the other needs routine; one would live in a tent, the other needs a hotel...
Even if the characteristics look like the lines should get into disagreement and start fighting to each other. Even if they should be annoying to each other. They are still parallel. Not coming closer to each other to give the other a kick... just going along. Accepting the difference. Still parallel. Still still.

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