Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dr Murks is sleeping in hey

Weekend. It is 6am and the phone rings. "Where are you? Take your energy and come downstairs!" Mr Aadam is calling. It is still dark, but they are heading to Jäneda. To a autumn-fair. For selling sheep-skins, wool-pillows and -quilts. It is Michaels' day. By folklore it means all the autumn-works are ended, potatoes, carrots and other stuff is picked up and the cold days may come. It is enormously nice weather, the sun is rising when they are over speeding on a narrow roads to catch good selling-place on the fair.
The people are passing by. Some are asking about the wool. Some are buying the things. "What is the price? How can I wash it? Where do you curry the skins? Where could I use these?" There are so many standard questions that Dr Murks and Mr Aadam have already standard answers to all. Few people can surprise with their weird questions. The time is passing quickly. For the last hour they lower skin-prices for 50% as the new batch will arrive soon. The fair ends and they count the money. Not the best fair but not the worst. Now quickly to Lilac-farm and to village-sauna in Ardu.
The times are separated according to the sex. Dr Murks sits alone in the sauna as the village-people are not coming. Alone in a huge hot-heated room with the biggest heating-place Dr Murks has ever seen, in the best sauna ever. Weird to feel that the sauna-man has heated it only for Dr Murks.
Later in Lilac-farm the autumn-food needs to be eaten. Potatoes and mushrooms, mushrooms and potatoes. After sitting and chatting with the family in the kitchen some sheep-skins are taken to the barn and nice nests to sleep are ready. What a beauty to wake up when the sun is shining from the open door.
After breakfast to the apple-yard to pick the fruits to the juice, to sheep range for changing the area, to carrot field to pick the carrots to take with, to the trees to sledge down with funicular etc, etc. Real busy-lazy Sunday. And in the afternoon to find the most colorful road to drive back to Tartu. Hmmm
Dr Murks in describing-mood.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr Murks has jumping mood

The mood is jumping. Up'n'down, up'n'down, up'n'down, up'n'down. Many times a day. A crash from one side is compensated by a good smile from another side and then from the third side a big wave of problems are coming over and then from the forth side somebody is passing a towel... During a day just so many different emotions, different moments that it seems the morning was already centuries ago. That's how Dr Murks gets old. He was born in the morning after a messy dream and lyes to rest in the evening to born again the next day. One life and one day. Tomorrow will be different than today and and today is different from yesterday.
Bul-bul-bul-bul-bul-bul-bul-bul, as Sveta sometimes says...
Tomorrow, for example, Dr Murks will born as a confident, patient and sharp sighted moderator for the series of group-interviews he has been preparing for several days. Few would recognize that this is just the good, lazy and a bit shy Dr Murks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr Murks is picking mushrooms

It is autumn.
The trees are red. The leaves are falling. The wind is cold. The sun is still warm. The sun is still warm when it shines on Dr Murks' nose. Dr Murks is walking in the forest and the nose is bended downwards looking for mushrooms hidden in moss or under fallen leaves. The nose is dripping because it got a little cold. Soon Dr Murks will go back to the house and will prepare a huge pan of mushroom-sauce. With potatoes. And a big teakettle will be fulfilled. A cup of tea with honey to everyone! And a little vodka.
Dr Murks saw a brightest rainbow ever. Red-yellow-blue. It was so bright that it could have set the fores in fire. So burning. So clear.
Dr Murks went on a autumn-fair to sell home-made bread. The fairground was full of people. The bread finished quickly and the pear-juce. They made an exhibition of biggest vegetables farmers grew this season. The heaviest bumpkin was 42kg.
It is autumn.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dr Murks and the key-souls

A Samoyed Juri Vella told once that there is a certain amount of animals a person can hunt in life. If he hunts more he will get ill and his souls of dead animals will come to hunt him.
How many keys a person can lose in life? There should be limit.
Dr Murks started losing keys in the early days. Dr Murks could lose a key just from a pocket, from a small hole in the pocket, to a small crass, to a sewage, to a compost dumping ground, to a toilet bowl etc. Dr Murks can not even remember all the places where keys could get lost. Even when a key was bound on a ribbon and hanged over the neck - it still got lost.
After many years Dr Murks again lost keys. Now the helpful bike is standing locked in town and Dr Murks is sad as the lock is too good to open easily without the key. What to do?
Dr Murks hopes that the souls of the keys are not coming to get Dr Murks lost.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dr Murks has a regional plan

On a train. To a small village or settlement to visit friends or relatives who have moved to live out of town. Uuu, there are really many like this. Dr Murks could spend whole year to visit old friends all over the country in their country-residents. Some also have a flat in town but many are permanently moved to country-side. To built their home and live happily ever after. Dr Murks loves to hang around in forests or by the river-banks, picking mushrooms and eating foxberries. But it feels really creepy to listen Mdm Liisi, who recently bought the piece of land, describing where they will built a house, where they dig a pond, where they establish their fruit-garden... There are really people who look around in the country-sides and want to call some peaces of land as their OWN. Their home. Their own home. To make plans for the future. How beautiful it will be here and how nice and how great and.... Life in the country-side.
Dr Murks has also plans with the country sides. Dr Murks takes a train, or bike, or both, or goes by hitchhiking, or asks sb come along with a car. Dr Murks looks around. Dr Murks goes in every shop on the road-sides in small villages and buys at least one item (ice-cream, beer, postcard...). Dr Murks enjoys the scenery.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dr Murks has a pet

No, it is not a cat.
No, it is not a dog.
No, it is not even a horse.
It is a fly. Fly called The Fly (Kärbes).

Dr Murks met the fly first two mornings ago, when the fly was walking on an arm and waking him up. Annoying. Go away stupid fly and let me sleep. But the fly did not go. The fly had found the master and Dr Murks can't do nothing about it. First of all the fly was really annoying and Dr Murks looked for a moment to smash it with a newspaper. But the fly was too quick. Escaped.
The fly stays at home. When Dr Murks is sitting in the armchair and reading, the fly sits on the legs begging for caress. When Dr Murks lays on the floor and draws, the fly walks happily on the back - massaging. And when Dr Murks does not pay enough attention to the fly, the fly even tries to walk into Dr Murks' nose or eyes. After some time Dr Murks got used to the fly and looks for the fly every time Dr Murks reaches home. Is the fly still here or left? So far the fly is there :).
That is how they comfort each other in the beginning of cold autumn days.