Monday, August 29, 2011

Princess Murks lives among cranky people

Crankiness is in everyone. Sometimes one just gets cranky as they can sometimes get happy or energetic or tired or.. any mood. One just feels like saying something bad or hurting and annoying to the others. just to annoy their seemingly peaceful environment. To shock them. To see if they get any reaction. To let them start being cranky back and in this way live out ones crankiness in deeper and deeper levels. Sometimes is just so nice to be cranky. Just like this.
- There was a old man in his garden. Few people gathered to talk behind his garden. He let out his limping dog. When the dog was tired of barking he came out himself. He started to shout, brag and insult. He did it with the same tone as the dog had been barking before. At first the friends did not even understand that it was not the dog anymore but the man. He just continued and continued and continued. Seems that the people made his day - he could live out his crankiness on them and maybe his dog did not get beaten up on this day.
- There was a wife who was tired of her life, of her two kids and, the most of all, of her aging husband. She was nice and cheerful to talk to. But when the kids were around, her main words to them was to order them be more quiet. But when the husband was around, she ignored his discussions and talks, instead interrupter him with her creeping stories about how unhappy she has been in their bast, describing their most bonding moments with the disgust and troublesome. She has the skill to be cranky int he most hidden and deep-hurting way.
- There was a young girl working in a lunch-restaurant. She never smiles. She just comes silently to your table and stands. You notice her only because you want to order some food. She can mainly repeat what you are saying and give comments like "mmhm" and "mkhmm". All her behavior is impolite and you have no idea what is the reason. You even got the feeling as you insulted her somehow or.. what the hell happened to her???

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Princess Murks has a castle and a princess tower

"Where am I?" asks Princess Murks. In a huge house!!! In a huge castle. With a tower. A huge suite and a bath in the tower. Princess Murks needs to grow her hair long-long that the prince could climb up to the tower to give some company :). Instead, the grass is growing too high in the park - where is the gardener?
It is a bit lonely here alone in this castle. Although, in order to change the setting, change the atmosphere, Princess Murks just needs to change the room or the floor. To take some stairs and already she is in another apartment. In another space. Easy. Still, strange to be alone.
Luckily she is not alone. There are many things. There is a clock that sings every hour a a forest-bird. And there are even 20 fish swimming in their huge aquarium. They are nice and social. Soon there will be also a dog, and maybe a cat, and a baby...
Princess Murks thinks that all things should have a electronic chip and Princess Murks should have a remote control to find them. For example, the remote control has buttons like "hair brush", "crown", "my PhD-material", "sandwich", "cell phone", etc. And the stuff Princess Murks is looking for starts piping when she uses the buttons. Would be easy!
Now Princess Murks is sitting in the library room. But soon she will go and shorten some grass in the garden. It is not been raining anymore for some hours.