Thursday, December 18, 2014

The cat, my lover

I have a lover
It is our cat
He knows how to melt my heart
Or seduce me
With is beautiful long, fluffy tale
He is so rojal
So high self-esteem.

When my husband comes to bed
Where I am already sleeping
The cat starts meowing
And scratching the bedroom door
if it happened that he closed it.
My lover does not like
That my husband sleeps next to me
Trying to make him crazy
Succeeding way too often...

When my husband goes to work
And I stay home with the cat
The cat comes to me
And  puts his nose to my nose
And lies down on the papers I am reading
Or on my belly
And starts burring
He is so  sweet
And he is so beautiful
Thant I am not able to resist...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Testing the borders

Who will give up first?
Is it me or him?
So far it is me
He has all the time of the world
Just to lie there
On the forest-track
Lookin at the tree-roots next to him
Or the  tree-tops above
Touching the snow-pits with his fingers
Or some wet-soaked pine cones
The gloves are taken off already long time ago
But mainly
Just lying
Doing nothing
And I tell him:
Please stand up!
Please stand up!
Please stand up!
You have to stand up!

And when I finally go to him
And lift him up
He gives me the sweetest laugh
And hugs me softly
So that I would not be too sad
That I lost this battle

But I promise to myself
That next time
I will have more patience.
And maybe better clothes
To lie next to him
And have all the time of the world
Together with him.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Crisis of imagination

good life
happy life
it is what Murks imagines it to be
good life
happy life
it is not much to do with the reality
it does not exist anyway
it is always and only
the imagination of the reality
of anything

when Murks misses the bus
and gets upset
of being late again
and emotions try to take the lead
there will be another bus coming soon
maybe not now
but in 15min for sure
and being late is not a sin
if Murks would just imagine it differently

unfortunately sometimes the imagination is in crisis
and need to be lifted out
to be here again
to join Murks on the next bus

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'll teach him that he has a bird inside him
that sings the melody of his life.
I’ll teach him to be passionate, to be spirited.
I’ll teach him how to enjoy life,
and welcome open-handed whatever it brings.
I’ll always be his haven if he needs, but
I will encourage him to fly higher than I ever was.

Inspired by Nicole Blackman.