Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mother Murks is looking for her brain

Where did she leave it? Where is it?
Being a Mother seems to be so biological thing that one is just losing her mind. Her ability to think and analyze. Being a Mother becomes so overwhelmed with senses. The brain works lead by some kind of chemical-physical-biological engine. When the baby is in a bad mood the Mother just can not do anything else but deal with it till the mood is good again. When the baby is crying the Mothers' breasts are hurting and she feels physically enforced to act on it.  
Mother can not read, write and analyze anything when the kid is demanding any kind of attention. Even if the kid is asleep. The Mother has to think if the kid is sleeping fine. The Mother has to have the control of the well-being of her kid. Only some trustworthy people can take the babysitting work, otherwise the Mother is still thinking only about the kid, even if the kid is not around. 
Uh. Everything is fine! Uh. Where is the brain?