Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dr Murks is in trouble with The Supposing

The Supposing is so common. Amazingly.

Instead of asking somebody: "What do you think about this?", you ask: "Do you think like that?" and not accepting "no" as an answer. Sometimes even not hearing "no" as an answer. Just continuing the "bla-bla-bla"

The Supposing is specially common on the School reunions. You do not know the people so well anymore, you have some memories and you automatically Suppose that these people are the same, think the same, and you yourself start to play that you are the same. People become the ghosts - you just think you know who they are.

It is really big difference if you ask: "Where were you?" instead: "Where you there?"

Dr Murks hates The Supposing. Urrr! Do not Suppose!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr Murks is walking in the leaves

The leaves are yellow, the leaves are red, the leaves are green, the leaves are brown...

The leaves are still hanging on the trees, the leaves are already fallen down to the streets, to he paths, to the river.

Dr Murks goes out from the house and walks by the river. The sunshine is warming the nose and drawing small dots on it. Dr Murks is not lifting the foot high, Dr Murks lets the foot to go through the leaves on the path. Dr Murks runs the course and listens the scrabble of leaves. Dr Murks is humming the song by FreshlyGround: "I believe in human angels, they walk barefoot and wear funny hats /.../ Everyone is a human angel... although we don't all go for bare feet and the funny hats we were made from golden sunshine"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dr Murks wants to create happy things

Dr Murks is trying to write... Write knowingly what - an article. Brrrr, how can it be so difficult!!?? Impossible. Seems there is nothing happy in a scientific article. Nothing to start laugh about. Nothing at all..
A new and interesting information that is not even new to a writer and gets the readers think critically about the content - was it properly examined, is it finely argued etc.

It is much more fun to write poems, draw a picture, knit a sweater, build a statue, collect red and yellow maple leaves, help to sell sheep skins on a fair, organize a car free day..

These make to feel good. To feel happy about. To laugh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr Murks is improving

Dr Murks got the "new" flatmate (since March 2008!!) to clean his room for the first time! Maybe he even used the vacuum cleaner the first time in his life :) as he was kind of weirdly interested in it. This vacuum cleaner for the first time for sure.

Less smell in the flat now. The next step would be to get him to wash the floor and maybe the cloths - never used the washing machine here :S.

But the best part is that Dr Murks was not mean at all.. Not even sarcastic. Nice and smiley instead. After cleaning own room and the kitchen and the lobby Dr Murks just asked: "Do you also want to use the vacuum cleaner or I but it away?" And there he was... afraid to say no?? :)

Dr Murks is mean

Is it a period of life; or has Dr Murks always been like that and never noticed before; or has Dr Murks changed into (and never can return or make a difference) a mean sarcastic creature?

The symptoms:
- Dr Murks is constantly dreaming up sarcastic or insulting or just mean phrases or sentences or situations to make a use of on a proper moment. Mostly friends or acquaintances are in focus.
- Dr Murks does not know how to stop the first symptom.
- Dr Murks does not know how to apologize and is the apologize even needed :S

A messup.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dr Murks has the day of Gentle Men

How can something be so concentrated into one day? At least three... but Dr Murks can consider even more men, who have been so cool and helpful and fun today that Dr Murks could just stare with the eyes wide as dinner plates. Feels like crabbing their heads and kissing it all over.
What would be the stereotypes of these men:
1. A language teacher who responds to Dr Murks (after Dr Murks has been nagging that: "...there was not possible to register for the course anymore and anyway Dr Murks could not fulfill the requirements for the class as Dr Murks can not make it to all of the seminars..." ): "You do not disturb me in the class and if you start to I will just tell it at the time. So far, you can just participate"
2. A guy that just happens to have a facility that Dr Murks needs for practicing one of the skills Dr Murks wants to learn during this school-year. And even when he has never seen Dr Murks before and probable newer even heard that Dr Murks exists. But he is so willing to lend the facility just for a promise that Dr Murks will lean to use it. Great!
Yepikayee, yepikayee!
3. A guy who steps by when Dr Murks is trying to carry quite heavy and long thing by bike to home and can not make it and makes a stop to think up better system to carry it. He steps by with his rubber band from his own bike and quickly attaches the stuff on Dr Murks bike. Uh, what a guy!
Yepikayee, yepikayee, yepikayee!
Can it go better?!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dr Murks has new plans

The school year has started. Pupils go to school. New cloths. New stuff. New friends. Dr Murks has to continue its old. Not many things become new. Dr Murks would not even like to have new stuff. No new cloths - better to get rid of olds. Maye some new friends would make a difference...
Dr Murks have some secret plans, secret plans to learn new things, new skills. But too early to say them out... Firstly needs to practice a little and see if they work out and are still fun after some first lessons...
News coming soon or a little later :P