Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr Murks meets new residents

Dr Muks made a decision to move out. Everybody is asking: "Where do you move?" "I move out," replies Dr Murks. Just out, to nowhere. Stuff can go to an old garage in Annelinn and Dr Murks to the wide world. Soon. Very soon.
And. After Dr Murks had made the decision, and started to look for new residents, Dr Murks discovered that there are already new residents in the flat. Even three of them. Only a pragmatic problem that they will not pay any rent. Let's introduce them.

First. In the woodshed, there lives a huge frog. Dr Murks just saw it in the morning. A beautiful one. Overly green and dots on the back. Dr Murks really felt like kissing it. But the frog was too peaceful, too calm, too respectful that Dr Murks did not tear to.
Second. In the corner of the room lives fungus. An ugly one that aims to take over the whole wall. Dr Murks discovered it while moving around the furniture for more convenient last weeks. And there it is! Welcome! Fortunately the Owner, who lives the next door and were asked to come over right after the discover promised to throw it out the coming weekend.
Third. A small black mice. Just run under the fridge in the kitchen today. There was already a sense of the existence of the mice in the air. As somebody had tasted the chocolate on The Flatmates table. But had not seen it before. Small and beautiful black creature. It has not left even any poop around us so far. Will see about its future here..

Besides, the room is light and relatively big even for two persons. On a sunny day, the sun shines from the window the whole day. The view is towards the Soup Town, Toome Hill and even the Tower of Jaani Church can be seen. The flatmates are nice and quiet (not allowed to make parties as there are many small children living in the house, but visitors are the most welcome). Woodheeting (the oven is god and keeps the flat warm for several days). Shower, fridge, washing machine. 10 min to Town Hall Squere, 2 min to jogging path by the Emajõgi. The most beautiful house on the street! And, and, and...

The one who wants to have my room from the end of October! Contact me!

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Dr Murks said...

The room is already taken. Too late! :)