Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr Murks is walking in the leaves

The leaves are yellow, the leaves are red, the leaves are green, the leaves are brown...

The leaves are still hanging on the trees, the leaves are already fallen down to the streets, to he paths, to the river.

Dr Murks goes out from the house and walks by the river. The sunshine is warming the nose and drawing small dots on it. Dr Murks is not lifting the foot high, Dr Murks lets the foot to go through the leaves on the path. Dr Murks runs the course and listens the scrabble of leaves. Dr Murks is humming the song by FreshlyGround: "I believe in human angels, they walk barefoot and wear funny hats /.../ Everyone is a human angel... although we don't all go for bare feet and the funny hats we were made from golden sunshine"

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