Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr Murks is somewhat tolerant

Tolerance. This word belongs to the dictionary of altruists. Dr Murks has always thought that it does not exist in reality. Being tolerant. Being tolerant is like being without bones, not really caring, not paying attention, not having an opinion. Being tolerant is like denying yourself. Denying your own ideas and ethics.

Still. Some time ago Dr Murks felt the new kind of feeling that can most probably be called tolerance. The way it happened:

Dr Murks knew a guy with whom was impossible to get along. Every time Dr Murks saw him Dr Murks felt like: “buuu-brrrr-mul-mul-mul-mul-wah-uh-luru-luru-luru-urrrrrrrr.” There was not anything specific. Or maybe there was. Too many details came together. So annoying, so stupid. Could speak hours about the issues related to him. Spend hours thinking how somebody can be like this. And at the same time, admit that he is not a bad person, just so annoying.

And on one day the feeling was gone. Gone with the wind or fallen down like a birch leave in the autumn. Dr Murks was talking to him and not feeling the “buuu-brrrr-mul-mul-mul-mul-wah-uh-luru-luru-luru-urrrrrrrr” anymore. Amazing! He was the same person, Dr Murks was the same person, but the feeling had flown away. Who can explain? Was there some door opened? Was there a wall fallen down? What happened?

The feeling is great! Dr Murks could even like this tolerance thing. Makes everything so light and free! Dr Murks can fly!!!

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Sveta said...

Murks, armastan sind väga. Nii tore post siin!