Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How does 'being kind to people' serve me?

I was told: you seem to be a kind person.
Hmmm. Yes. At least, I want to be.
How does it serve you?

Inner satisfaction.
Self-assurance -
I am kind, considerate, nice, good person
- it makes me feel good about myself.

Making connections.
Positive connections.
Better to be kind than not kind.
Kindness = politeness...
Others value me. more, maybe. Kind people are valued..

I do not intend to be the reason of someones negative emotions...
Is there even people who intend?!
Is it always unconscious?!
Of course,  I can not be responsible for others' feelings...
So, this argument does not work.
Even if I do not intend, I still can not assure
that they do not get offended...
I guess..

Starting to doubt.
How does it NOT serve me?

I sometimes/often get used by someone.
Some take me for granted.
I let them use me..
I like when they use me... self-destruction.
I do not stand for myself enough.
I am not sure of my (high) position.
Low self-esteem..

Need to look more into it...

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