Sunday, September 18, 2016


I was unprepared
without knowing it
I prepared
but not for what
I was supposed to...
I had
no idea...

I have been to these situations
many times
many-many-many times
but the most resent one
was already about
5 years ago.

what one can
in 5 years.

All these
small professional details
that were so easy
and ordinary
back then.
Now this ordinary
became a hard work
that I did not do,
although, I thought I did.

To reveal more -
I gave the worse
possible presentation
ever and
all possible mistakes
one can make.
I realized it
during the presentation.
And still carried on
without stopping myself.

What an embarrassment.

I surprised myself
really-really surprised.
I used to be good
and really entertaining
and focused.
How could I be so bad?!
How did I became so bad?!
How did I end up in this kind of situation?!
I had no idea.
And I just carried on.
Embarrassment till the end.

It was just a rehearsal.
I can do better!
I can do the opposite!

I am better! I think...