Sunday, September 11, 2016


You get upset... and go
leaving all our evening duties to me.
Leaving all the responsibilities...
I can relate to this
leaving is a good way to get over the heat
go-go! I can manage.

When you come back
You come back with the handful of nails
and a hammer.
You come to me
and start hammering
I realize I am just a blank for you
You need no conversation
My words just give you more power
for hammering..
I try to take the role
being the blank
And take these nails with consious mind
but sti... you do not finish before they are all in
many of them hurt and I start bleeding..

I see that you got your anger out
You calmed down
hammering helped you
That is good

But you do not see this blood and pain
that it made me lie into
I need some time now
just can not stand up and go on
Need to nurture and let go
make sure nothing gets infected
before I can continue.

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