Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mother Murks is talking with girls about babies

The topic so feared. Especially that, compared to this, there will be no more topics. And there are no more topics. Or... if there are they do not make eyes so sparky and mind so awake to talk about for ages... Yees, some political wars somewhere... who cares? Some economic problems... who cares? Some natural catastrophes... who cares? Some plane or bus accidents.. who cares? Does this world even still exists?

Lets' talk about babies! How to hold them. How they grow. How they smile and laugh. How they crap. If they are vaccinated. How does it feel to have a baby. How long they sleep at night. How much they weigh. How to play with them that they develop and grow well. What kind of toys are nice and supporting the development. How much they cry. Should they sleep on hard or soft mattress - does it make a difference? So many things...

And there is no need to feel bad about it. There is so much to know hen you are a Mother. To know about the things you never thought about before. You ever were interested in before. The whole new world of topics are suddenly in need to work through. So much new information. Everything is important to find out. Everything is important to work through.

Do not blame the young mothers that they are so obsessed about their kid. A Child is a Child only once in life. Would be sad to miss that! And, what would be YOU like, if you became a young mother? Would you be any different? No need to work hard to be any different.. it is just stressful.

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