Friday, January 6, 2012

Princess Murks is a Mother

It is amazingly powerful. It is not possible to imagine how powerful it is when you finally feel it as a mother. I guess a kid feels it just as normal everyday life.. does not even notice it around as it is so natural for a kid. As it was for Princess Murks all this time when she has been a child of her own mom. Being a mother is something that has been totally unformulable for Princess Murks as it is a totally different feeling. Totally different feeling of love. Love that empowers with amazing abilities. The power of Mothers' Love...

- It is something that gives the mother senses to react to anything that makes her kid feeling uncomfortable.
- It is something that gives the mother the ability to supply the kid with anything needed, and to understand what the kid needs even if the child is not able to speak.
- It is something that makes the mother to be so-so certain that the child can manage with all the issues the life brings. Illnesses and other troubles - does not matter.
- It is something that makes the mother to trust the smile of her kid, that is full of self-confidence and joy even if the kid is only few months old. The smile of the child is the most empowering thing for the mother.
- It is something that helps the mother stay calm when things get bad
- It is something that keeps the mothers' tears hidden when the things get bad, are bad, get even keep the cheerful spirit for her kids... the tears get relieved only when the problems are already solved.

And for the mother all her kids are just ideal. Does not matter what faults or disabilities they might have. A kid is always perfect for the mother.

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