Monday, April 16, 2012

Mother murks does not plan the future

Isn't it strange how we are used to think that kids and learning goes together. Babies learn to turn sides, turn fro their backs to their stomachs. Then they learn to sit and crawl and stand and walk and talk and..
And we used to talk about the future times when the baby can already crawl and when they can already walk and talk and what will be then.. We are used to say "When the baby can already talk then.. "; "When our kid is already going to school then.."; " When she is taking her first ride with a bycicle..."
But Mother Murks is not thinking like that. Mother Murks is not hoping to see things happening in the future. Mother Murks never says these sentences.
Mother murks is only in the present. Happy that the kid is smiling. Happy that the kid is touching her toes. Happy that the kid is turning from her back to her stomach. Happy for what is happening not what could happen in the future.
Difficult but liberating state of mind!

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