Thursday, November 4, 2010

Princess Murks is in the country of polite people

People do not smile here.
People speak with a low voice to each other. Very modesty.
People are slow here. The service takes time. But people are willing to wait.
People are modest here.
People do not have high self esteem.
People do not speak foreign languages here or are just shy to speak.
People understand your body language here. They are observing.
People understand you here irrespective of their low language skills.
People are jumping up from the chairs in the tram when an older person enters.
People are opening you doors an letting you in first here.
People are quietly organizing you nice office, nice facilities without even asking if you need them.. they just appear one day as a surprise.
People are giving you all kind of information, describing everything in the smallest detail, so that you do not miss anything.
People are very polite here. Very modest, but very helpful.

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