Monday, November 8, 2010

Princess Murks is alone

Going around between places. Meeting many people. Meeting new people. Meeting old acquaintances, even friends. Start talking to people easily. Deciding which ones are worth to spend more time with, which ones are good only for coffee and small chat. Which ones make your head ache and better to avoid, which ones to open your good vine together and go deeper into discussions. There are always people around. Always somebody.
Going around between places. Some evening discovering that you do not have nobody to ask to go and have a beer together. Everyone has their obligations, everyone has their routines that do not include you. Do not want to introduce yourself, do not want to explain again who are you, why are you here, what is your name, what are your ideas about politics, literature, traveling.. Do not want to discover anybody, just want to talk to somebody who knows you, who agrees with you or reacts to your ideas with some interesting plea, interesting story. Not worrying what to tell or not, what could be politically incorrect, maybe could insult somebody. Do not want to be afraid of giving wrong impressions. Just want to be and feel myself. Not worry about some culturally embedded misunderstandings. Uh.
Princess Murks just stays alone. There are always people to discover, to talk to, to feel interested in, to feel free and relaxed as well as uncomfortable around. Even to ask to come and drink a beer together. Have coffee together. They are there. But still, Dr Murks is alone. Always been alone, will always be alone. Sometimes enjoys the company of nice people around and avoids the company of annoying people. Alone is how it is.

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