Friday, September 17, 2010

Princess Murks is observing people in the Cafe of Umeå University

Ou-ou. Ou, these Swedes. Swedish youth are a punch of Wannabe PUNKs.
There is this guy hands full of screaming tattoos. Scary. Really scary. Wearing a T-shirt that says: "something DEAD" on it. Wearing sneakers with skulls and crossbones. STILL. He is sweeping his nose with perfectly square tissue paper and drinking watery brygg-coffee. Where is the bottle of beer in front of him (it is 11pm but this gives even more reasons to drink)? Where are the "tatilärakad"(read: snot-spots) on the ground?
And these girls. They seem to be even worse examples of Wannabe PUNKs. Or then, anouthe alternative, just some bad examples of 1980s. Those stockings or tight-tight trousers and the short-short skirt that you can easily see if they have shaved vagina or not. Those stripy relatively bright or then simply black-grey tops that have big bra-revealing necking. And sneakers, of cause, the sneakers. STILL. They have perfect manicure, perfect haircut, perfect make-up. The overall feeling and smell of ironed clothes and shower every evening and morning. And the purse that looks like from the latest fashion magazine. Where are the shaky hands of night-long party and smoke? Where are the red eyes of sleepless night?
PUNK? Why do they so much like to use these references to PUNK-culture? They want to shock and be alternative, be original, be different! But they are unable to really grasp the essence of shock culture, revolutionary culture of PUNK. PUNK is not a dressing style. PUNK is a lifestyle. Devaluing the PUNK is sad.
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