Friday, August 20, 2010

Princess Murks is a hostess

Princess Murks is used to knock on the doors. Drag her rucksack to somebodies quest room or sofa. Or simply on the carpet in the living room... Bring some good vine or some snacks, sit in the kitchen of some relatives or friends and know where the cups and coffee is kept. Spending some time and discussing some thoughts till the time passes and Princess Murks needs to go again.

This time it was different. Princess Murks cold be the hostess. Strange, strange, strange. Princess Murks knew where to find bedsheets and towels. How to start the sauna... Was careful to keep the floor "sort of" clean. Knew where to find thread-nd-needle and other tools the guests needed. Knew how to switch in the washing, the dish-washing and the coffee machines. How to prepare the table for a cozy dinner. Had to generate ideas what nice to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner; where to go to have fun and see interesting places; what to do at home. Uhuhuuu!

Bizarre to be a hostess not the guestess.

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