Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ideas fade away

I have many plans
many great idea
what I wan to do
what I want to achieve.

sometimes I even
get a hold on some
and work for

but i cannot do it
when i want
I can not concentrate on
when I feel inspiration

the others go first
the ones who need nurturing
who just want to
show a picture they draw
or explain
a lego-creature-machine
they had just built
or tell a story
or ask for a sandwich
or get instructions for writing a letter
or have a massage
or talk

and even if I have a moment to
I just sit
and stare
and be
do nothing
because there is no
bower left

I come as last
not least because
the others are not in a safe zone
in a good place
I just cannot concentrate on
anything else.

and the ideas often just
fade away
fade away
fade away...

I am a mom

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